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It takes longer for the red bell peppers to ripen and thus they are more expensive to ship and have in the store.

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What floats better in water apple or bell pepper?

Bell peppers have hollow insides and apples are solid, therefore bell peppers must have more buoyancy.

How did bell peppers get to the US?

the Mexican pueblo snick moved to the US and brought bell peppers then more people came with it then one came back to Mexico to tell them to send bell peppers to the US because they are nice...........................

How do you get red bell peppers?

Although a red color is more associated with "hot" peppers, bell peppers come in several colors, often produced by selective breeding. They can be red, orange, and yellow.

Are red peppers more mild than yellow peppers?

If you are talking about bell peppers, yellow is supposed to be milder than red. A green bell pepper, if left on the plant will turn either yellow or red ( depending on the variety. ) Myself, I haven't noticed much difference between yellow and red. And I prefer the green for flavor . . . but allow a few to go to yellow or red for color.

Why do red and yellow bell peppers cost more than green bell peppers?

The green pepper is harvested before completely ripening. The reason for the price difference between colored and green peppers is the amount of spoilage that occurs as you allow peppers to ripen. Ripened peppers have a very short shelf life compared to green. I think there is a problem inherent in the question. I have noticed that in America, the question makes sense, but in Europe, typically all colors of bell peppers are lumped together at the same price. I have always assumed this was due to the above statement, where in the US the price difference is due to the general nature of distribution and supply demand incorporating shelf life, where as, in Europe there is not as much market force, since most food is grown/sold somewhat locally, and the pressure is not that, since all the produce is typically 'fresh'. More feedback welcomed.

What is an fact about peppers?

The average red bell pepper has:more vitamin C than a medium sized orange2x more vitamin C than an average green pepper

Are chipotle peppers different from jalapeno peppers?

Yes. Chipotle peppers are red and have a subtle smoked taste. Jalapeno peppers are green, with more of a zippy taste.

Are green chillies hotter than red ones?

Yes they are because they have more hot juices in them. Red peppers only have a little bit. Red peppers have about half of the hotness and juices of green peppers.

What is the correct temperature and bake time for stuffed bell peppers?


What type of bell pepper is sweetest - Red Green Orange or Yellow?

I think orange peppers taste the sweetest. Yellow peppers are sweet, too, but have a more mild taste compared to the orange pepper so their sweetness isn't as noticable as in the orange.

Can a dog eat green peppers?

A dog can eat green peppers (my dog loves them more than anything else), and most other vegetables. Hot peppers may upset the dogs stomach. The best vegetables for a dog are carrots, squashes, and green beans.

Are big early bell peppers spicy?

Not really. They have more of a sweetness to them. They are great in salads and stir frys.

Does chipotle make more profit than Taco Bell?

No. Chiptole's ingredients are more expensive

What three crops grow really well on the Italian peninsula?

tomatoes, grapes, and bell peppers. there are more, but you said three.

How do you estimate the intensity of a pepper?

usually, the larger the pepper, the milder it is. for example, bell peppers are one of the largest pepper I know of, and it is also one of the mildest. Jalapeno peppers are smaller and have more spice.

Why do green products cost more?

They are made from materials in nature. Which are more expensive.

How many calories in green peppers cooked in butter?

That depends on the quantity of green peppers and the amount of butter used to cook them. For the calories in green peppers, and the calories in butter, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions. Alternatively, please feel free to ask the question again and include more details.

How many teaspoons does one mild chillies make?

It all depends on what type of mild chili you are talking about. Mild peppers include sweet green bell peppers, sweet red/orange/yellow peppers, Anaheim, Poblano, Cubanelle, banana pepper, etc. They vary tremendously in size and thickness of flesh so they will all yield a different number of teaspoons. Try to be more specific when posting your question.

Where does a green bell pepper grows?

Green bell peppers are fairly easy to grow. They need warm temperatures (at least 70F). Give them an inch or two of water per week, more if you live in a very hot climate. They can be grown in the ground or in pots. If you live in a cold climate, they can even be grown inside if you can provide adequate light. You may want to support larger plants with a stake.

What is better for air soft green gas or CO2?

green gas is more expensive and the guns are more expensive. CO2 is more powerful. I like CO2 more because it last longer than 1 magazine and it shoots harder

Are frozen sliced bell peppers as tasty in stir frys as their fresh counterparts?

Fresh will always give you the better, more juicy taste.

Are three bump green peppers better for cooking?

I Would Say No I Suggest Red Ones Or Tomatoes Because They Bring More Flavour To What Ever You Cook That's For Red Peppers As well.

What is Jade and what does it mean?

A rock that it is a light green or dark green (dark green is more expensive) that used to be carved into statues of ancient peoples. It is still valued in jewelry making and carving. it is very expensive to buy aswell! ----

Is there capsicum in black peppercorns?

No. Capsicum plants produce fruits like chili peppers, bell peppers, and others. Peppercorns are more like berries and are not in the same family as capsicum plants.Capsicum plants have a substance that causes great heat called "capsascin". Peppercorns have a heat-producing substance called "piperazine".Black peppercorns are the dried unripe fruit of an Indian native, the Piper negrum vine; green peppercorns are the same fruit, differently processed in order to retain their green color. White peppercorns are the seed with the outer fruit removed.The Piper negrum, or black pepper vine, is a member of the Piperaceae family and isn't related to any of the capsicum family; the genus Capsicum - which includes bell peppers (also known as capsicums) and chili peppers is a member of the family Solanaceae.

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