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== == Sedimentary rocks on the bottom of the oceans are younger because the ocean floor is constantly recycling itself. Oceanic plates are being added to at the oceanic ridge, and being destroyed by subduction when colliding with continental plates. Sedimentary rocks on continents are definitely subject to erosional forces, but not generally to plate destruction forces.

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What is the principle of within a sequence of undisturbed sedimentary rock the layers get younger going from bottom to top?

It is the Law of Superposition.

Where does sedimentary rock form?

At a bottom of a lake, a river delta, an ocean, or similar location where further movement is restricted or slowed down.

What layer of rock is oldest fossil found?

Is at the bottom of course! Since sedimentary rock is formed when layers build up and then harden. So the younger would be at the top.!

What is the bottom layer of a sedimentary rock?

The bottom layer of a sedimentary rock is called the basal layer. This layer is considered the coarsest in the rock.

What part of the sedimentary of rock is the oldest?

The bottom, cause its the oldest. And cause its the oldest its on the bottom. Therefore sedimentary rocks make the illuminati.

What is the bottom layer of sedimentary?

Bed Rocks.

Organisms that are bottom dwellers are called?

Bottom feeders, or aquatic sedimentary creatures

Can a moon rock become sedimentary rocks?

no because sedimentary rocks are made at the bottom of oceans

Can sedimentary rocks be formed at the bottom of lakes?

Yes they can. Their facies is called "lacustrine".

Do continents reach the bottom of the ocean?

Continents and islands do not float - they rise up from the ocean floor, so are fully connected to the bottom of the ocean.

What are the rocks formed at the bottom of the sea?

sedimentary rocks

Where would you find oldest rock in the sedimentary?

In the bottom

Where do sedimentary rocks from?

Usually on the bottom of a body of water

Which is older a fossil in a sedimentary rock layer at the bottom of canyon or a fossil in a sedimentary rock layer at the top of a canyon?

The rock forming the bottom of the canyon will display the oldest fossils.

Where are sedimentary rocks most commonly found?

Sedimentary rocks are mostly found in the bottom of the ocean and anywhere in the world.

Where do many sedimentary rock form?

at the bottom of lakes and oceans

Are the rocks that make up the ocean floor older or younger than those that make up the continents?

same age. the ice caps just melted on top over the rocks at the bottom of the sea.

What type of rock is found in layers and forms when bits of settles to the bottom of rivers lakes and oceans igneous metamorphic or sedimentary?


The name of this rock comes from material which settles to the bottom of a liquid?


Where are the oldest fossils found in a canyon?

At the bottom sedimentary rock layers

Sedimentary rocks form distinctive layers at the bottom of a lake?

Rock strata can be formed in layers at the bottom of lakes.

Which layers of rocks are older and which ones are younger?

the older rocks are at the bottom and the younger rocks are at the top

What is sedimentary rock in which the older rocksunless disruptedare on the bottom?

The type of sedimentary rock in which the older rocks, unless disrupted, are on the bottom is called a fossil-rich limestone. This rock contains fossil remains of prehistoric organisms.

What type of rock is formed when soil settles at the bottom of ponds and rivers?


What kind of rock is made from the materials at the bottom of rivers?

sedimentary rock #apex;)