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Why are some organisms acid-fast?

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Examples are:

  • Mycobacteria (all species including Mycobacterium leprae)
  • Nocardia
  • Cryptospordium parvum, isospora, cyclospora cysts
  • Legionella micdadei
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Is bacillus cereus acid fast?

No. B. cereus are non-acidfast instead.

What happens when organisms compete for resources?

Some organisms win and some organisms lose.

How old are organisms?

Organisms are over millions of years old. It depends on what organisms you are talking about. Some are a couple years, some are hundreds, and some are thousands.

List some soil organisms?

soil organisms

Do organisms need air?

Some do. Anaerobic organisms do not.

Name some bad micro-organisms?


What are some organisms that are decomposers?

some organisms that are decomposers are fungi, bacteria, insect larva and more

What organisms are unicellular organisms?

Some unicellular organisms are diotom, amoeba, paramecium, bacteria and, fungi.

Do all organisms reproduce in the same way?

No. Some organisms reproduce sexually, some reproduce asexually, and some can do both.

Are there single-celled organisms with chloroplast?

yes.There are several organisms. Spirogyra ,some algae are some

Which organisms are competitors of the tadpole?

some organisms that are competitors of the tadpole are fish

Do simple organisms become complex organisms?

Some do, they cause by mutations. We are complex organisms that started off as unicellular organisms. So humans do.

What are some single celled organisms?

Here are some of the common groups of unicellular organisms:ArchaeaSome AlgaeBacteriaSome FungiProtozoa

Do organisms live in water?

of course some organisms live in water such as fish, sharks, algae, squids, etc. some organisms do not of course such as humans, koalas, and rabbits. but all organisms do need water to survive.

Organisms that make own food are called?

Organisms that make their own food are called autotrophs. Autotrophs can be plants and some organisms. Other organisms use these organisms as food.

Why do biologist classify organisms?

They classify organisms beacuase it shows them what type they are or if they are related to some other kind of organisms

Do all living organisms need the sun?

No some organisms don't need the sun some hate light

Can organisms produce photosynthesis?

Plants ,algae ,some protists and some bacteria are photosynthetic. All are living organisms

Some organisms can live in isolation?


In what ways can organisms communicate with one another?

Organisms have many ways of communicating with each other. Some organisms use words or a language, some use body language, and some use calls.

How do micro-organisms obtain food and nutrients?

Some micro-organisms make their own food; some absorb nutrients from organisms that they live in or on and some absorb nutrients from wastes or dead matter.

What are facts about organisms?

Some facts about organisms is that all life is comprised of organisms. An organism may be a single sell, also called unicellular. Humans are made up of millions of organisms that are comprised into tissue. Organisms are all susceptible to some form of stimuli.

What Organisms can digest cellulose?

Micro-organisms (bacteria and probably some protozoa).

Organisms that get energy by consuming other organisms?

Most do in some way or another.

What are the organisms of a swamp?

there are many organisms in a swamp. some of them are turtles, frogs, and toads.