Why are some womens nipples so huge?


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Some women have huge nipples because of genes, breast feeding, weight and be touch a lot.


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Every girl is made differently so that includes the size of her nipples

Well, just so you know, NOTHING is wrong with your nipples. if they are itchy, then it means your breasts and nipples are developing. some people have itchy nipples and some others dont. its nothing to be worried about. im a doctor. i KNOW what im talkin about.

it works by sucking nipples, nipples, nipples.

No they do not, nipples are not needed. Nipples are a feature of mammals, which suckle their young. Cockroaches are insects and do not suckle their young so they do not have nipples.

Probably so they are able to feed more puppies

The nipples get larger so as to better suckle the baby.

That is normal in boys at that age, they get sore too. It will pass fairly quickly, its a part of the huge changes taking place.

It depends. Some people like to suck on their partner's nipple, other don't. Likewise, some people like their nipples to be sucked and others don't. So, ask your partner when in doubt.

Now days the life in Afghanistan is very terrible because there is a war going on between some taliban and American troops and even some taliban does not led the womens to work thay don't want the womens to show their faces. so it terrible for the womens.

so they can suck on them

Because women have the chills so sometimes the nipples get hard.

Cold, rough clothing rubbing, sexual arousal, menstruation can all cause swollen nipples. So can pregnancy,but this is usually accompanied by some sensation in the breasts, if only a tingling.

All women are different and more, or less, sensitive to the touch. Licking, sucking, pinching, rubbing and light pulling the nipples might work. But pay attention to what she likes so you don't hurt her or do nothing for her.

As in is womens basketball played in front of an audience. If so, yes it is.

Because they are, Simple!

they can rub their nipples

Humans are still evolving, and because of that, some people have traits that have mostly disappeared by now, such as thick hair all over their bodies. Many species of mammals have more than two nipples, and it is possible that at some earlier time, proto humans had more than two nipples. Because humans very rarely have multiple births, more that two nipples are not necessary, so we are evolving away from that trait. That is my personal opinion, and I can not back it up with any factual evidence, so don't take it as a fact.

Preparing to have puppies, the nipples enlarge so if she is fertilized she can feed the upcoming pups

You have three options... (1) 'rotate' the puppies so that each gets a fair share, (2) bottle-feed some or (3) find a surrogate mother with nipples to spare.

Very gently. Some women like this, others don't. If she doesn't like it - never do it again. Nipples are extremely sensitive and are designed for feeding babies, not to be eaten, so go gentle.

some of the neuro toxins in your body send electrode waves down through your body and if they get a-b positive response which is the response for cold they erect nipples and give out a swelling in your nipples and they erect the muscles in your nipple and then sometimes like any other muscle it aches or 'grows' so if you have massive burger nipples then your least likely to have sore nipples as your nipples are maximum size and they are a good muscle sizei am only 15 and i have no idea how i know this sorta stuff

This topic is much debated. Even people who've had personal experience with rabbits - bunny owners, breeders, vets - disagree about whether male rabbits do or don't have nipples.DiscussionYes, male rabbits, like all male mammals, do have nipples.Not even all female mammals have nipples. Rats, horses, mice are mammals in which the male has no nipples. There seems to be much contradictory information on whether or not male rabbits have nipples. My male rabbit does not appear to have nipples.Yes, male rabbits have nipples, just as human males have nipples (same as human females). A buck (male) rabbit's nipples are smaller and more discrete than a female's, so they can sometimes be hard to find... but they are still there.Male bunnies do not need to produce milk for babies. Why would they have nipples?Why indeed? And yet, many male mammals have them, so this is a legitimate question and not rhetorical, as you seem to have intended it.Just as with humans, male rabbits do in fact have nipples. but they're vestigial and hard to see.My male rabbit appears to lack nipples. Some other male mammals do not have nipples; mice, rats, and horses being some of the prominent examples. Some mammals, such as the platypus, have no nipples in either sex.My male rabbit does have nipples. They're hard to see, and I'd probably never have known about them, but then one of them became irritated and swollen and we had to see the vet. The vet showed me his other nipples for comparison: tiny, tiny flaps of skin. Even though lots of people say they don't have nipples (even vets - link below), male rabbits do have nipples.

Technically two and two things that are kind of nipples but not actual nippples so yeah...four

This is because we all begin our life in the womb as girls. so nipples develop. but then if you are to become a boy your male reproductive organs grow later,but you remain with nipples.

So you can lick them and get yourself "excited"

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