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If the gages in a 2000 Mercury Cougar at not working, it is likely that a fuse is blown. While the chance is slim, there could also be a wiring harness malfunction.

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Q: Why are the gauges not working in your 2000 cougar?
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Why are your dashboard gauges not working on your Mercury Cougar?

Check for a blown fuse.

Jeep grand Cherokee the dash does not work none of the gauges?

Why dashboard gauges stopped working on a 2000 Jeep Laredo

Tempfuelvoltage gauges stop working 2000 Chevy s10 pickup?

Check the fuses.

How do you repair the dashboard gauges on a Mercury Cougar?

u dont

What is wrong when the odometer speedometer gas gauge indicators stop working on the dashboard IN A 1996 MERCURY COUGAR?

It is quite possible in a 1996 Mercury Cougar, that when the dashboard instruments all quit at once, there is a fuse that has been blown. Most of the gauges in the dash run off the same fuse in most vehicles.

Chevy trailblazer 2004 gauges not working?

If your Chevy trailblazer 2004 gauges are not working, check your fuel pump.

What causes dashboard gauges to stop working when the abs light goes on?

You probably have a short in your abs system which has blown your fuse try pulling the fuse. This happened in my 2000 sunfire and I pulled the fuse and all the gauges work now.

Will 18 inch rims fit on 2000 mercury cougar?

sure! i have 19" alloy wheels on my 2000 cougar

How do you change fuel filter on a 2000 cougar?

what kind of tools do i need to change a fuel filter on a 2000 cougar

How do you reset the anti theft system on a 2000 mercury cougar?

where is the anti theft located on a 2000 mercury cougar

On a 2000 Malibu the right two gauges of the four gauge cluster stopped working what would cause only the right half of the cluster to stop?


Why Heat and cooling gauges not working?

They are probably not working because they are most likely broken.

2000 mercury cougar obd located?

The 2000 Mercury Cougar OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to kick panel

Is there an electrical problem in a 2000 mercury cougar that would cause it to shut down while driving?

if it was electical u would notice gauges fluctuating. cougars have problems with the fuel filters getting clogged which would cause hesitation and in extreme cases stalling

What is the gas mileage on a 2001 cougar?

we had a 2000 Cougar that always got 32 mpg..

Is there a transmission fluid dipstick on a manual 2000 mercury cougar?

On a 2000 Mercury Cougar : No , only the automatic transaxle ( transmission ) has a dipstick

Gauges not working on Expedition 1997?

Is it all the gauges or some? You make have to take the instrumental cluster apart. Make sure all the hardness for the gauges are all connected.

Why would all the gauges on the dash quit working?

Lose of power or ground since all the gauges quit working.

How many gallons does a 2000 Mercury Cougar gas tank hold?

For a 2000 Mercury Cougar : The tank holds ( 15.4 US. gallons )

Clutch fluid reservoir on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

On a 2000 Mercury Cougar : The brake fluid reservoir is also the clutch fluid reservoir

Inter mitten dash gauges on a 2000 Nissan Frontier?

I was having this problem, gauges out, lights still working. Found I could get the gauges back by flicking the trip odometer reset. Went into the instrument cluster and found 2 fuses next to trip reset. Larger cylinder shaped upper, small brown rectangular below it. Lower fuse was loose, gauges would come on and off as I moved it around. I wedged it in place with gauges working, and all is well. I think this fuse is replaceable, but pulled on it pretty good and it didn't want to come. Trip to dealer parts desk in order. gt

Blower stopped working on any setting on a 2000 cougar?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor resistor pack, defective blower motor, or loose or disconnected wiring.

What should you do when your 1998 Dodge Ram gauges don't work?

my 1998 doge ram van, all my gauges are not working

What makes the intrument gauges stop working?

check the ground sprats

Where is the obd-ii connection on a 2000 mercury cougar?

The 2000 Mercury Cougar OBD 2 port is under driver side dash next to kick panel