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Because the animals live there and people get really really hot there and

sometimes they do not have any more water to drink.

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What is one of the important plant regins to people?


What vegetation do grasslands have?

Grasslands have many types of vegetation such as shrubs,plants and trees.Vegetation is most important in grasslands

How many people live in grasslands?

do people live in GRASSLANDS.. and how many

Why do they call grasslands greenswards and why?

A greensward is an area of ground which is primarily covered in grass and small Herbaceous Plants. The term "grassland" is also an apt description of a greensward, with some people differentiating between the two terms by referring to man-made grasslands as greenswards, and natural grasslands as grasslands. Whatever you call them, greenswards are important ecological features, and they have played an important role in human existence for centuries.

Why are plants important to grasslands?

Plants give off oxygen, so animals that live in grasslands can get oxygen.

Do grasslands have any body of water?

Yes, grasslands do have water bodies as they are important for the sustenance of grassland animals.

Why are some people trying to save grasslands?

Because grasslands are becoming smaller.

How can people protect grasslands?

By not smoking around grasslands. Also by watering the grass.

Tell me an very important harbivore in the Oklahoma grasslands?


What economy is important in grasslands of South America?


Do people hurt grasslands?

no because the probaly no people no people

Do people live in the Grasslands?


What is in the grasslands?


Where does grassland people stay?


What transportation do people in grasslands have?


Why are the grasslands so important to Montana?

Grasslands helped wildlife flourish. They also helped the bison to eat and help people to eat some too. They baked grass and made wheat so it serves lots of purposes.

In what biomes does fire play an important role?

Temperate grasslands.

How are grasslands being threatned?

People are farming on grasslands and the threats the grass and animals that may live near

What do the people in the temperate grasslands eat?

People eat food

Why are desert and grasslands important?

They are important because they provide a habitat for a large range of wildlife species.

What can people do to save grasslands?

eat your pooo

Do people live in tropical grasslands?


Do a lot of people own grasslands?

Yes They Do!

Important geographic features of Honduras?

mountains,lakes,rivers,and grasslands.

How many grasslands are in the world?

there is a lot of grasslands in the world but there is about 70 in the world there is dry and people are very scared about the animals in the world