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if the spark plugs are black because your car is running too rich. your plugs are fouled.

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Q: Why are the spark plugs black on my 1993 Toyota tercel?
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How many spark plugs on a 95 Toyota tercel?

spark plugs = the number of cylinders your car has. Tercel should be a 4 cylinder so 4 spark plugs.

Where are spark plugs located on 1996 Toyota tercel?

There are seven spark plugs on a '96 Tercel. This model has them mounted under the rear passenger seat next to the distributor.

How do you install spark plugs for a 1997 Toyota tercel?

You use a ratchett?

What is the spark plug gap on a 1993 Toyota tercel?

.043 is the correct gaping for the plugs in a 1993 Toyota tercel. This is taken rite from the Hayes repair manual

How many spark plugs for 1996 Toyota tercel?

four, as it is a four cylinder engine with one spark plug per cylinder.

What kind of spark plugs do you need for a 1987 Toyota Tercel 4 speed?

RN11YC can also use RN12YC

How do you change spark plugs on a 1994 Toyota Camry?

To change spark plugs on a 1994 Toyota Camry, remove the black shafts. The spark plugs are down the four holes. Use a socket set with extension to reach the spark plugs. Replace old spark plugs with new ones.

Why would a 1995 Toyota Tercel have no spark?

bad plugs, wires, distributer if it has one, bad igniter, faulty wiring.....

How do you change spark plugs on a 1995 Toyota corolla?

position of spark plugs on 2003 Toyota coralla

How many spark plugs are there in a 2007 Toyota Prius?

A 2007 Toyota Prius has 4 spark plugs.

What's the recommended gap measurement for double ground spark plugs for your Toyota Tercel 1996 4-cylinder?

You do not need to gap double ground spark plugs. Just put them in right out of the box, but note how they are gapped. As the plugs wear out, the gap increases, so when you notice the gap increasing, change the plugs.

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 1994 Toyota Tercel?

On my 1992 Tercel the gap is .044 inches. When you buy plugs, the manual (at least the Champion manual) should also have gap specs for the car.

How to fine spark plugs for 2000 Avalon Toyota?

The 2000 Toyota Avalon spark plugs can be located on each side of the engine. The spark plugs will be near the bottom of the engine. There are three spark plugs on each side.

Where are the spark plugs on 99 Toyota Camry-v6?

How do you change spark plugs in a 6 cly Toyota Camry?

How many spark plugs does a 2003 Toyota rav4 has?

4 Spark plugs

How do you change the spark plugs in a 2002 Toyota tacoma v4?

how do I change spark plugs on 2002 Toyota tacoma v4

Change spark plugs on Toyota rav 4 2003?

How do I change spark plugs on Toyota rav 4 2003

Spark plug gap for 1990 tercel Toyota?

The spark plug gap for a 1990 Toyota Tercel 1.5 liter 1BL 4-cylinder is .044 in thousandths of an inch. The 1990 Tercel gets 30 mpg in the city, and 36 mpg on the highway.

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 1995 Toyota Tercel?


How do you change spark plugs in 2009 Toyota Corolla?

How do I change spark plugs in 2009 Toyota Corolla? whaT TOOLS I NEED

Where are the spark plugs located on Toyota Rav 4?

When changing spark plugs it is important to know their location under the hood of the car. For a Toyota Rav4 the spark plugs are under the engine cover that has the car symbol on it.

What is the spark plug gap for 1992 Toyota tercel?

2 1/2"

How do you change spark plugs in 2006 Toyota Tacoma?

When changing the spark plugs on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma make sure the vehicle is off. Use a spark plug socket and pull the spark plug wires. Remove the old spark plugs and properly space and install the new parts.

How do you replace spark plugs 2006 Toyota Camry LE?

how to replace spark plugs on 2006 camry LE

Could changing the spark plugs cause the check engine light to come on in a 95' Tercel?