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You tend to get them when you shave too often. You can get rid of them by waxing your legs instead.

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Q: Why are there dots on your legs sometimes and how can you get rid of them?
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How do you get rid of dots on your legs?

It depends what kind of dots they are. Try using cream. It might be dry skin. If not, go see your doctor.

How do you get rid of drive skin on the legs?

How to get rid of drive skin on the legs

How do you get off red dots from your legs?

Cream maybe.??

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You can sometimes get red dots on your tongue if you bite it or burn it.

How can you have long and pretty legs?

i wouls say dont stay in the sun to long and watch what you eat and try not to get any scars abds cuts on your legs and if you have black dots use cocoa butter to get rid of them .Also to prevent that use plenty of lotion and also lotion that has perfume in it is not good for your legs.

How do you get rid of red dots on legs?

you have a skin condition called keratosis piliaris which is completely harmless but very common. you should research this on images and other articles but you need to consult with a dermotoligist.

How do you get rid of the red bumpy unitchy dots on arms legs torso and back?

apply some wart or boil cream and you should be sweet, but depending on how bad it is I suggest its give or take

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I have small dots that run from my shoulder to about my wrists. They are much smaller than pimples, and are my skin color. They are no where else on my body either. Please tell me how i could somehow get rid of these

How long until the red dots on your legs go away?


How do you get rid of fat legs?

by exercise

How do you get rid of bowed legs?


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sometimes i see black dots floating, what could that be

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well it depends if you were born with it or not. if your born with it, it's just a birthmark.

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Let it go naturally