Why are there horoscopes?

A horoscope, in the traditional definition, is not what you see in a newspaper (or online) masquerading as astrology. Horoscope literally means "picture of the hour." It is a map of the solar system at a particularly moment in time, as seen from a particular place. Astrologers generally prefer the term "natal chart" to avoid confusion with sun-sign columns (which are not "horoscopes," at all). Everone and everything has a natal chart (but not everyone has had theirs calculated). By superimposing the natal chart onto the current or future planetary positions of the solar system, astrologers seek to frame a forecast either for an individual, business, or country. The Sun sign is only a small part of the natal chart and is not very useful as a forecasting tool since there are 30 different possible positions for the Sun (or planets) within each sign.