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There are more coal plants than solar plants because the cost per Mega-Watt is much less using coal than solar power, and currently coal is more efficient. The problem today is that in a environmentally conscious society coal is a 'dirty' fuel, and solar power is clean. That is why environmentalists are pushing for more Solar (and wind) power generation.

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Q: Why are there more coal power plants then solar power plants?
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Is solar power better then coal power?

Solar power is more environment friendly than coal power. Solar power is, however, more expensive than coal power.

Which produces more radioactivity in the atmosphere coal fire power plants or nuclear power plants?

Coal fired plants.

Does solar energy make more power then coal?

No, because solar energy is a thing that only works when its sunny outside. When it is cloudy out, it doesn't work that good! So coal makes more power than solar energy! c:

Does green electricity make more power than other methods?

No. Some forms of renewable energy (e.g. solar cells) are much less efficient than conventional energy sources. Modern coal and natural gas power plants are about as efficient as it is possible to make an energy source. Hydroelectric power plants are about the only renewable energy source with efficiency near coal and natural gas power plants.

What is the key to reducing air pollution?

use less coal and gas and use more solar power.

What are the main sources of electrical energy in Australia?

Mostly coal-fired power plants, black coal outside Victoria, where dirty brown coal (lignite) is used. There a considerable level of hydroelectric energy utilisation mainly in Tasmania, which has only one coal-fired power station. There are no nuclear power plants. Wind energy is becoming more important with small-scale solar plants coming onstream as well, although "alternative" sources of enegy amount to only a small proportion of Australian enegy needs.

Do nuclear power plants pollute more than coal power plants?

No. Nuclear power is more efficient because nuclear power is used as splitting atoms, making big bursts of energy, whereas coal power is simply burning coal. So nuclear power uses uranium fission to create energy (electricity), whereas coal power burns coal, emitting carbon. (Mind you, nuclear energy leaves behind radioactive waste - that is arguably easier to deal with for the time being. Not to mention that accidents at nuclear plants can have devastating environmental effects.

Why do spacecraft use solar cells to generate electricity rather than burning coal?

Burning coal releases harmful gases and it may have some bad effects in space. Solar power is more efficient

Coal fired plants release 100 times more radioactivity than nuclear power plants due to the natural presence of thorium and uranium in the coal true or false?


Why were Nuclear Power Stations made?

Nuclear power plants were made in the hope of providing a more efficient source of electricity than is obtained from coal powered plants.

Why is there a renewed interest in nuclear power for electricity?

Because nuclear power whilst producing radioactive waste does not produce carbon dioxide like coal power plants. Also they produce alot more power than burning coal.

How the air pollution of mega-cities of Bangladesh can be reduced substantially?

Local air pollution is usually caused by local factories, coal-burning power plants and traffic. It can also be caused by people burning wood for cooking. Coal-burning power plants can be replaced with renewable energy. Solar panels are now as cheap as coal, are cleaner, emit no polluting carbon dioxide and other gases, and last for 25 years. Coal lasts for 5 minutes, then more has to be bought. Factories and transport can run on electricity that is from renewable sources. In China, Beijing has now closed all the coal power plants in the city, because of the air pollution. It still has to import electricity from outside, but it is installing huge amounts of renewable energy power plants every year.

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