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Indirect attachments are more common because of their durability and small size.

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Q: Why are there more indirect muscle attachments than direct attachments?
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Why are there more indirect- that is tendinous- muscle attachments to bone than there are direct attachments?

Tendons are very flexible, and also very resistant to extension. If arm muscle tissue was directly attached to the bone, then extreme movements would very easily tear the tissues and damage the muscle.

Why are there more indirect-that is tendinous- muscle attachments that direct muscle attachments?

The deltoid muscle attaches to the anterior and lateral acromion primarily by direct tendinous attachment. The muscle attaches to the dorsal side of the acromion by periosteal fiber attachment.

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Why are there more indirect-that is tendinous-muscles attachments to bone then there are direct attachments?

Tendons are very versitile. They are made of collagenous tissue which is highly resistant to extension and also relatively flexible. The main attachment sites of skeletal muscles are tendons. Tendons are the main attachment type for skeletal muscle to bone or cartilage. Tendons are by far the most important tissue for attachment and are present wherever the point of insertion is distant or the muscle must exert its forces of contraction across a joint.

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