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Why are there names for couples like Brangelina and Zanessa?

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because people mix the names like Zack and vanessa it starts with "za" because of Zack and ends with "essa" because of vanessa

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How is Zanessa a happy couple?

To me they look like ther a pretty happy couple.

Who is zanessa?

Zanessa is Zac plus Vanessa. They are like the cutest couple ever! Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens should really get married! Their children will be just as perfect I'm sure!

What is niley?

Niley is a Nickname for Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus. (alot like Brangelina - Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie)

What is robsten?

robsten is Robert pattinson and Kristen stewarts couple name like brangelina is brad pitt and Angelina jolie

Does Zac Efron like anyone else besides Vanessa Hudgens?

yes....... that's why we broke up zanessa for never!!!!!!

Who does zac like more vanessa or Ashley?

Of corse Vanessa look on and search zanessa or just zac and vanessa and try zashley or zac and AshleyOf corse Vanessa look on and search zanessa or just zac and vanessa and try zashley or zac and Ashley

Why couples like to kiss?

Couples kiss because they like each other, and have deep feelings for one another.

Why are there Emo couples?

The same reason there's any other couples...they like/love each other.

What percentage of couples in America are married?

like 0

Where can i find more information on couples costumes?

Couples costumes are always popular -- check online retailers like: <--They even offer a special on couple groups!

How did zac and vanessa fall in love?

they fell in love on the cast of hsm zac says "when they met they just sort of clict and he really like spending time with nessa" GO ZANESSA!!!

How do people make a living in the Bahamas?

how does the they like to be alone they like to party and they have a lot if couples

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The best place to fine couples Halloween costumes I think would be Party City. They have a big selection of nice, spooky, and sexy couples costumes that I think you might like.

What are some of the best Christmas getaways for couples?

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What can gay couples do to not arguee?

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Does Zac Efron like Monique Coleman?

Hm, only he knows. A lot of people think that he has feels for Monique, including myself, but I'm sure with the Zanessa hype he wouldn't come out and say it if he did love her.

What percent of couples meet online?

38% for couples as a whole. In Los Angeles... I work as a wedding photographer... I like to ask my couples where they've met. I tallied my answers of "marring couples" for the last 6 years... 45%. Almost 1/2 of all couples. 20% know each other from school/work. 30% through friends and 5% other.

Are there any interviews of Zanessa when they talk about each other or them dating?

Answer You can probably read all about it in The Enquirer. We don't have answers to who's dating who in hollywood, we answer everyday questions and junk like this we usually delete. utiyfmhgbu, kyjghv

How do African wife and husband live?

just like other couples in the earth.

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they kiss and hug and do romantic stuff like that later bro

Are there any anime couples like Roy and Riza?

Yes, Edward and Winry.

Can you recommend any couples resorts?

A resort for couples that I like is in Cancun. They have great nightlife and a lot to do as a couple. Enjoy and fun there. Let me know if you any other help.

What should sixth grade couples get for Christmas?

Chocolate. flowers, gift cards, necklaces, things like that the he/she will like.

What does Zac Efron's brother look like?

Zac Efron's brothers name is Dylan Efron and here are a few pictured of him and also try going on search engines such as, Google or Yahoo Or Msn and typing in Dylan Efron.

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