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There shouldn't be any other dates stamped on your half dollar. Only the date 1969.


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SS stamped on jewelry means Sterling Silver. Some other common stamps for Sterling Silver are "925" "S/S" "ster" "sterling" and "sterling silver" SP stamped means "Silver Plated" - No Real Value because it is only a coating that is put over a less valuable metal such as Brass or Copper.GP stamped means "Gold Plated" (same as above)Common stamps found on Gold are 10k, 14k and 18k (they could also be stamped with a three digit number: 416 (same as 10k), 585 (same as 14k) and 750 (same as 18k)

50 cents. Gold plating adds no value and collectors view it as damaged. It has the same worth as every other damaged 1983 half dollar, 50 cents.

If the pieces are not clearly marked Sterling, they are most likely silver plated. Silver plated items have a much lower value than sterling ones. If it is silver plated, the pitcher might be worth $40-50. If it is sterling, it would be worth at least ten times that.

HGEA means heavy gold electroplated alloy, in other words a cheap fake ring. A ring stamped with this hallmark is usually made of an inexpensive base metal like copper and then plated with a very thin skin of gold. The amount of gold used to plate the ring is almost nonexistent and therefore usually worthless.

585 on the clasp is the percentage of gold in the item. So 585 means ur item is 58.5% pure gold and the other 41.5% will be silver and copper. It is just hallmarked so you can tell it is real, not plated or fake

I have seen many Kennedy half dollars of about every date that have been gold plated, none have a collectible value and are considered altered or novelty coins. The only value other than 50 cents is if you find someone that wants it.

All gold plated circulating coins were plated after they left the Mint. Because of this the value is often actually less than the coin itself. By and large, post Mint gold plated coins are worth very little. However, there are exceptions. The only notable exception to this rule is with numbered commemorative issues. CSOA and several other commemorative coin companies issued 24K gold plated coins that included individually numbered certificates of authenticity. These are now quite rare and demand a good amount when sold. The John Fitzgerald Kennedy 24K Gold clad coin issued by CSOA (Collector's Society of America) is worth around $100, as long as the original numbered certificate of authenticity (Gold Electroplate Certificate) is included. These coins were struck in 1985 on the 1976 bicentennial half dollar, and the CSOA only issued 100,000 coins.

If it has 3 clearly repunched mintmark images, it will be worth about $30 in circulated condition.

Either platinum or gold can be plated to match the other

It means it it gold plated with 14 karat gold . It is plated allot of the time on sterling silver or other types of metal .

With coins, condition is important. This will affect the value. In 1967, 50 cent piece was still made of 70% silver, so just from that, it is worth about $5. Why is it gold plated? It might have been part of a collector set, so if you had the other coins, it would be worth more.

No, I have never seen a 1943 Florin stamped into a bottle cap, but I have seen plenty of other coins stamped into bottle caps.

Sterling stamped on any item is .925 silver and .075 other base metal.

Gold Shell. In other words gold plated.

FB Rodgers was a manufacturer of silver plated products and did not produce any sterling. To tell if a piece of silver is sterling or plate, the word sterling or .925 or 925/1000 must be stamped somewhere on the piece. If it is not, it is plate or some other material.

Tibetan silver is plated rather than made of sterling silver. Cast iron or copper is used to make Tibetan silver. Then it is plated with sterling silver or any other material that looks like sterling silver.

925 Italy means your bracelet was: made in Italy, it's 92.5% pure sterling silver, 7.5% infused alloy metal (possibly copper) and gold plated. -JagiMonster I believe that the above answer is correct for the most part, however since it was made in Italy and it is 925 sterling, the gold could be gold filled or vermeil both of which are much, much better than gold plated. You would have to ask a jewler. I know that there is an FAS jewelry school in Ireland. They may have one in Italy as well but I'm not certain.

Gold filled is all gold while a plated one is just a combination of other metals that are then gold plated.

The other 2 dates were added after the coin was minted by someone who used a metal punch. It's a reasonable assumption they were trying to create some sort of memento of the 25th anniversary of JFK's election, but it's not something done at the Mint. In any case a standard 1984 circulation half dollar is only worth face value, so the fact that someone altered it doesn't affect its value.

Sterling silver is stamped "sterling" or "925". Other metals may say "nickel free," "stainless," "surgical steel," "silver plated," "WGF" (white gold filled), "nickel silver," "Peruvian silver," "German silver," "Tibetan silver," "Bali Silver," and a number of other things, but NOT sterling or 925. That's the key.

The Apollo astronauts who walked on the lunar surface had visors plated with gold while the other astronauts did not because they wanted to collect the solar particles.

When jewelry is stamped with C2, it is the manufacturer's stamp. Other items commonly found on jewelry is information on the metal that it is made from, and personal inscriptions.

You can get a test for one dollar at the dollar tree or other dollar stores.

A regular 1989 Kennedy half is worth 50 cents. The gold-plating was done by someone other than the U.S. Mint, so it's only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

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