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Because the Europeans who settled and colonized (some areas of) Canada were mainly from France. This created french-speaking areas that have remained until today.

Most French-speaking people you meet in Canada aren't french, they're Canadians.

French-speaking, but still very much Canadians.

'Course, if you're French speaking, and looking for another place to live, another french speaking nation would make the transition easier.

If you don't speak good english, Canada would be easier than, say Alaska.

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2014-12-10 15:32:38
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Q: Why are there so many french people in Canada?
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What descent are most of people in Canada?

Canada first belonged to the french, then british. So Canadians are descended from either british or french. that is why many people in Canada speak French.

Why do so many people in Quebec want to separate from Canada?

This is because the people of Quebec want to keep their French culture and religion.

Why does Canada have both English culture and French culture?

Layman's version: Vikings found Canada - Left English found Canada French found Canada French Settled in modern day Quebec English settled in modern day Newfoundland Wars/battles/skirmishes English now own Canada Canada decides to be independent. Because there are so many French people living in Canada (Quebec is almost exclusively French) and because the french culture is so ingrained into the Canadian Identity (the Acadien people) , both cultures begin to coexist. TADA!

What do many French speaking people in Quebec want to keep about their way of life so strongly that many citizens have talked about wanting to secede from Canada?

Their French Heritage. French culture and language.

Is the national language of Canada french?

There are French speaking people and English speaking people in Canada, so most street signs there are printed in French, and English.Answer:Yes, in part. Actually, Canada recognizes both French and English as it's national languages, mainly because this country was founded by France and England.

Why are French and English the two languages of Canada?

In the 1800's, France ruled Canada but then Great Britan wanted Canada so the fought and Great Britain won. The French people that remained in Canada they left alone.

In which parts of Canada is French spoken - and why is this so?

French is a national language of Canada, so it is spoken everywhere but especially so in Quebec.

What does Canadians speak?

Canada is a multicultural country so there are many people speaking different languages in Canada. Canada is a bilingual country though meaning there are two official languages. These two languages are English and Francais (French).

What did the English contribute to Canada?

Hard to answer without writing a book and hopefully others will add to this one but of the many things one was defeating the French military in 1759 and driving France from Canada. AND leaving the French people. If France had remained in control of New France we would have had a history more similar to other French Colonies and by having so many French people stay Canada had to consider the rights of minority's and they gave Canada a Pro-USA group to offset the Loyalists who were, at times, rather anti-USA.

Why was Canada so interested in the french explorers?

cause they were french

Why does Quebec have so many people?

because lots of french people love hockey and quebec is huge in hockey so lots of franophones go to canada espicially quebec for there love of hockey and pocket pool.

Why do so many places in the Midwest have french names?

because there were french people there, before the English people.

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