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Why are whales so big?


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they vomit every day


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They have big bodies, so they have big lungs!

they are so big because there size is what makes them so powerful when they need to defend there selves from predator's.

Because whales have to be big to feed there young and scare off there predators......!!!!!

Big fish like whales they are so big they scare sharks

Whales of the big blue sea are color blind. So they only see black and white.

Killer whales are really big so the answer is no but killer whales can kill great white sharks. Killer whales kill everything that lives in the ocean that's how people called orca whales a killer whale.

they are big whales with a huge tusk

no whales do not have enemies because there are big mammals

About 100 yards at the most. So about the size of a football field.

Yes they do, they eat animals as small as makerel to animals as big as baby blue whales which as most ppl know have baleen! So they answer to your question is yes

Humpback whales are the greatest whales and travel the farthest in its migration Humpback whales are very big so they can basically travel in a sort of Wolf Packs.

Gray whales are baleen whales. The Sperm whale is the only really big toothed whale.

whales are big and dolphins are small

No whales live in the big wide ocean

Blue whales do not have teeth

No because Whales and Dolphins are mammals.

Big baleen whales eat jellyfish, starfish, octopus and sting rays

They do get into fights with other whales or even Giant squid. Also, whales are very big so they bump into things like ship's propellers, which may leave them permanently disabled.

It depends on the whale. I mean they are big so they do eat very much!

Toothed whales (killer whales, dolphins, porpoises, narwhals, sperm whales, beluga whales) mostly feed on large fish.

Sharks and Killer whales. Also big whales

Yes Whales are warm blooded which makes them a mammal

killer whales are whales so they would also have blubber which is what makes whales float so yes killer whales do float.

as big as a planes wing

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