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Thighs may be bulky because of extra muscle, extra fat or both. If being overweight is the cause, losing weight can slim the thighs and the rest of the body.

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I have a small upper body and my thighs arent too fat but they look unproportional to my upper body and has some cellulite. id like to make them look smaller so that it matches my upper body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. what im asking more specifically i guess is: what exercises can i do to reduce fat and tone the thighs without making them bulky and too musculer? it's just my thighs i have a prob with, my butt is perfect. im 5'3" and 118 lbs.

i would think so. but bulky def. hurts more. i compare it like a car. torque=lean horsepower=bulky

Try losing weight, so your thighs don't rub together. ;)

Get yourself on a bike. Join a spinning class at a local gym and if you like it enough, by a bike and hit the road. It works those areas very well.

first you get toned then if you keep on working out you get bulky so stay in shape just dont overwork

it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs

2 thighs each - so 250 would be generous.

I hope not. dont think so

Yes they do form lean thighs. If you do them the right way- front foot pointing forward, back foot also pointing forward- then they help build muscles in your calves and thighs. I do them after I workout and found my thighs were tighter than usual. So, it does help make your thighs lean.

means: short and fat So... bulky ? puny

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Proximal means close to. Distal means away from. So it is relevant to what you are talking about. Your thighs are more proximal to your ankle than your head is; but your calfs are more proximal to your ankle than your thighs are.

bulky pancreas can cureble with medices

a bike ride exercises your quadraceps and so yes it will build up muscle on your thighs, making them bigger

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