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Why aren't AJ and Free on BET anymore?

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because they was getting older and they need new young people on 106 & park they was good though i wish they was still there

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Does Joe Jonas go out with AJ?

sorry not anymore they broke up. sad, sike!

Do aly and aj have webkinz?

I don't really know....but I bet they do!!!!! Who doesn't have webkinz?? I'm 15 and i have 4!!

Where are Free and AJ from BET now?

Last Thursday [July 28], the pair made the announcement during the show's live broadcast as AJ sat on the famous couch with Free on the other end of his cell phone. "This is our last live show," AJ announced. "But this isn't the last time you'll see us." The pair have been with the show, which features live interviews and performances by big-name aritsts, and a video countdown, since it debuted in 2000. "They were definitely not let go," said Stephen Hill, executive vice president of entertainment and music programming for BET. "They've decided after five great years of the highest rated music video show on television that they wanted to do something different." With their newfound free time, AJ says he plans to open a restaurant called Mahogany in Brooklyn, while Free said she would have a website up soon. No plans have been made regarding future hosts or plans for the show, but BET has said that the show will definitely continue to air

Why dont aly and aj sing anymore?

I was just thinking that. Sorry i have no idea. I Luv Them Though... :0

What is free and aj real name from 106 and park?

Marie wright

Is WWE diva aj married?

No,she is single,although she did date Jay Lethal from TNA.He was her coach,but they don't go out anymore.

Did free from 106 and park have a baby?

There is no public information if Free had a baby or not. Free and AJ were the former hosts of BET's hit show 106 and Park.

Is anyone giveing away a free adventrue quest account?

I am im giveing away a lvl 18 Adventrue quest username: faty aj password: aj man

Who is aj lee dating in the WWE 2013?

aj is dating daniel brian and jonh cena and cm puck and eve kelly kelly but she said no so now she not dating kelly kelly anymore but she is dating chris chorikol and she is a hoe.

Does aly and aj still star on Disney channel?

They used to. But not anymore. Well, at least not in Japan, where I live. But Aly and AJ is on many Disney channel TV shows including Phil of the future. They are also on a film called 'Minutemen' which is on Disney channel.

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How do you get free membership on animal jam codes?

i want to know a aj code on the scratch card

Are Brent Frost and AJ Lee a couple?

No they aren't dating anymore, she is married to CM Punk and he is dating pop singer Ava Max

What nicknames does AJ Geddes go by?

AJ Geddes goes by The Mighty AJ.

What is aj lee's email?


What does the AJ stand for in AJ Cook?

AJ stands for Andrea Joy. AJ is affectionately known as Dre by close family and friends.

Joe jonas old girls friends?

mandy, aj and amelia..are mandy, aj and amelia..are the mandy, aj and amelia..are the ones mandy, aj and amelia..are the ones i mandy, aj and amelia..are the ones i mandy, aj and amelia..are the ones i know mandy, aj and amelia..are the ones i know of

How old is aj WWE?

AJ is 19

What is the name AJ in Japanese?

AJ = エージェー

Who broke the AJ Michalka and Joe Jonas relationship up?

It was Aj i think It was Aj i think

In tna what does aj stand for in aj styles?

the aj in aj styles means Alan Jones) <<<< my new answear on the TNA forum his name is paul somthing ??!:)

Why did Andreas Brobjer leave stefy?

because he got hired to tour with Aly & AJ, and the pay was better. he doesn't play with them anymore... not sure what he's up to these days.

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How tall is aj Rafael?

Aj Rafael is 5'6.