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because they was getting older and they need new young people on 106 & park they was good though i wish they was still there

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Q: Why aren't AJ and Free on BET anymore?
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Did free from 106 and park have a baby?

There is no public information if Free had a baby or not. Free and AJ were the former hosts of BET's hit show 106 and Park.

Does Joe Jonas go out with AJ?

sorry not anymore they broke up. sad, sike!

Do aly and aj have webkinz?

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Why dont aly and aj sing anymore?

I was just thinking that. Sorry i have no idea. I Luv Them Though... :0

Where are Free and AJ from BET now?

Last Thursday [July 28], the pair made the announcement during the show's live broadcast as AJ sat on the famous couch with Free on the other end of his cell phone. "This is our last live show," AJ announced. "But this isn't the last time you'll see us." The pair have been with the show, which features live interviews and performances by big-name aritsts, and a video countdown, since it debuted in 2000. "They were definitely not let go," said Stephen Hill, executive vice president of entertainment and music programming for BET. "They've decided after five great years of the highest rated music video show on television that they wanted to do something different." With their newfound free time, AJ says he plans to open a restaurant called Mahogany in Brooklyn, while Free said she would have a website up soon. No plans have been made regarding future hosts or plans for the show, but BET has said that the show will definitely continue to air

What is free and aj real name from 106 and park?

Marie wright

Is WWE diva aj married?

No,she is single,although she did date Jay Lethal from TNA.He was her coach,but they don't go out anymore.

Why did aj and free leave 106 and park?

AJ and Free's abrupt exit from BET's 106 & Park was a disappointment to some, not necessarily because they were leaving, but because they didn't make a real show of it and because Free literally phoned in her final act.Though insiders apparently knew something was up, AJ Calloway spoke with the AP's David Bauder and revealed more details of what was happening behind the scenes. Basically AJ was offered a short term contract to continue with the understanding that he was out the door, though BET's executive vice president for music and entertainment programming Stephen Hill said that AJ was never told he wasn't wanted.AJ stated that, "If you're trying to aggressively keep someone, you don't offer them a month-to-month contract." I guess they just didn't want to put a happy face on things and decided to split. Perhaps Free just couldn't stand to appear again after they chose to surprise the network with their decision to leave, knowing it was all over.And, really, when you know you're on your way out, such a pre-emptive strike is about the only power move available. Believe me, there's nothing like telling the boss "I quit" when you know he's about to say "You're fired."Fans have been phoning and emailing BET to express their disappointment and some parents have called in as well.Apparently, during their final appearance, AJ announced that he's starting a restaurant in Brooklyn called Mahogany and that Free would have a website coming soon.

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