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because their in seventh grade...

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โˆ™ 2009-11-07 18:51:24
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Q: Why arent seventh-grade boys interested in romance?
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Why are'nt some boys interested in dating girls?

some guys arent ready yet.

What impresses boys the most?

well boys are mpressed by girls who arent scared to be funny and loud there also interested in girls hobbies and qualities.

Are girls cooler than boys?

No they arent

How do you get a white boy to like you if you are black?

Forget about skin color. White boys are no different than boys of any other race. If you treat one with kindness, he should reciprocate. If you are interested in romance, similarly, flirt with him as you would flirt with any other boy, usually by being interested in what he's interested in.

Who composed teenagers by my chemical romance?

The Boys of My CHemical romance composed it

What type of teen would a romanticism book appeal?

Mostly girls (aged 13-17) as boys wouldn't really be interested in romance novels.

Why the heck is boys so slow in romance?

Well, they are obviously embarssed with romance.

Why should boys be able to hit girls?

They arent

Why are boys always sexist in sports?

Because boys think that they are good at everything but they arent

Why do Spanish Boys seem so attractive?

they arent you are holusinateing

Is it true that seventh-grade boys are not interested in romance?

That's not true because i have been going out with my current boyfriend since 5th grade andI'm a 10th grader now!!!!!!!

Why are boys mean behind your back to girls?

all boys/guy arent not the same. but never trust them.

Why arent you allowed to give out soulja boys address?

It is personal information

Is mindless behavior helping out with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America?

no they arent

What do boys like to get from girls?

* Gifts * Friendship * Romance * Children

Why british boys are so moody and how to handle them?

what? i have never heard of this! i am best friends with two British boys and they arent moody.

Is twilight for girls?

Its really for everyone the boys get action the girls get romance

Do boys like girls when they ignore them?

no,not at all.becoz when girls ignore boys,they feel that they are not interested in them.

Are girls more sexual active then boys?

no they arent boy are alway sexually active as boys are ALWAYS on the move looking for some one to have it with !!

Why are boys better then girls?

boys arent better than boys trust me! ghirls can do anything boys can if not better! wre just thge same as them in almost every way(except parts) lol

How do boys look at girls they like?

Most boys will look straight at you and look interested in what you are saying.

What is do it like a dude about?

Its basically saying that girls can do things just as good as boys can, and that boys arent better than girls. Jesse J i love you!

Should a teenage boy be interested in younger boys?

Depends on how much younger we are talking about and how old the teenage boy is. Being interested because you might be gay is one thing but if the boys you are interested in are small children it is not alright.

Why do boys flirt?

Its Either They Interested In You Or They Just Wanna Have Sex.

Are girls interested in sex as much as boys?

They better be! ;D