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Why can't girls seem to understand guys?


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June 17, 2014 10:46PM

Understanding guys requires mostly the assumption that what the guy said is what he means.

Girls are used to other girls, who say anything but what they mean, so this confuses them.

If a guy says "This shirt makes me look fat", he means "this shirt makes me look fat." It may be either "this shirt falsely makes me look fat" or "this shirt reveals my true fatness," but that's really a minor quibble and one that's probably easily resolved by looking at the guy without the shirt or, alternatively, in any other shirt.

If a girl says "This shirt makes me look fat," it means ... God knows what it means. It may mean "I am fishing for a compliment," or "I have some kind of neurosis," or "You're fat, and I'm calling your attention to it by claiming I look fat when I'm clearly skinnier than you," or "I am looking for a fight and this seems like a great way to start one because no matter what you say I can take issue with it," or any number of other things.

Clear now?