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Because Earth is turning. It's only ever night time on one side of the Earth, the side not facing the sun.

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Why cant you see the sun at night time?

Cause its night STUPID

were does the sun go at night?

it doesn't go know were you just cant see it because its dark

Why cant you see the moon as well in the day as you can at night?

because of the sun

Is the sun the consumer?

The Sun is a star, that only comes out at day, all the other stars you see at night are still there but you cant see them.:)

Why does the sun give out its light?

the sun gives out its light because with out light we cant see and that the sun is a star but it comes out at morning and hides at night.

Why cant you see the moon that well in the daytime?

the sun is brighter than the moon in the daytime and the in the daytime we are facing the sun and in the night time we are not the sun is brighter than the moon in the daytime and the in the daytime we are facing the sun and in the night time we are not

When solar eclipse occurs can we people see sun?

no. you can see some light but you cant see the sun.

What is the Night?

Night is the period when we cannot see the sun.

We can't see the dark side of the moon from Earth because?

well you can if you look carefully but you cant see it because the sun gives the moon its light at night and if the sun is not on that side then you wont be able to see the other side like you can the other

As the earth turns we see the stars move across the sky then the sun rises and we cant see the stars but if we could what stars would we see?

The stars that you would see at night in 6 months time.

Time when you can not see the sun?

At night.

Why you cant see the light of sun on the moon at night?

because once the earth is moving in the part u r living it changes its direction comes in opposite direction and then your part does not face the sun so it does not get sun shine

What time is it when you cant see your shadow?

Night time.

Can you see Uranus at night without a telescope?

No you cant

Why can't solar panel work at night?

A solar pannel cant work at night because there is no sun. And a solar pannel needs sun to work.

What are the disadvantages of using a sundial?

A sundial doesn't work at night. A sundial doesn't work when the sun is hidden - by clouds, buildings, etc

How are night vision goggles used in war?

When it is dark, soldiers cant see, but with night vision goggles you are able to see in the dark, giving you advantage over the enemy, because you can see him, while he cant see you.

What can't you see in the night sky that you can see in the day?

The Sun.

How is it possible to see the moon at night?

If you want to see something in your back yard at night, you illuminate it with a flashlight and then you can see it. We can see the moon at night because it is illuminated by the sun. We can't see the sun at that time, because the earth is in our way. But the moon is out from behind the earth, so the sun can shine directly on it.

How does hunting at night help a badger survive?

when its enemies attack during the day, they can see him...but at night they cant see him.

Why can you see the moon at night?

The sun shines to the moon at night time

How can constellation appear in the night sky?

we can see because there is no sun at night

Is there another sun in space?

Ever star you can see at night is a sun.

When is the time when you can not see the sun?

Night time

What can do in a day that cannot do at night?

see the sun!?!