Why can it be said that adults who smoke and drink alcohol are hypocritics when they condemn youths for using drugs?

Adults smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol (in moderation) are LEGAL activities. Using drugs are ILLEGAL activities. Adults are aware of the risks of lung cancer. Children, most of the time, fail to recognize the risks involved in using recreational drugs. They really do need adults to steer them away from drugs. And good friends to support those decisions. How many people that you REALLY look up to do recreational drugs. Your coaches don't. Your teachers don't. The president of the local bank doesn't. The best things in life are obtained DRUG FREE. I know that sounds lame, but it's very, very true. Do you really want to grow up to be a drug addict? Do you want to live in some hole-in-the-wall apartment all your life? Waiting for your next high? Leave the drugs alone. When you are an adult, smoke and drink if you must. But, as long as you drink in moderation, you won't have to worry about getting busted.