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Adults smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol (in moderation) are LEGAL activities. Using drugs are ILLEGAL activities. Adults are aware of the risks of lung cancer. Children, most of the time, fail to recognize the risks involved in using recreational drugs. They really do need adults to steer them away from drugs. And good friends to support those decisions. How many people that you REALLY look up to do recreational drugs. Your coaches don't. Your teachers don't. The president of the local bank doesn't. The best things in life are obtained DRUG FREE. I know that sounds lame, but it's very, very true. Do you really want to grow up to be a drug addict? Do you want to live in some hole-in-the-wall apartment all your life? Waiting for your next high? Leave the drugs alone. When you are an adult, smoke and drink if you must. But, as long as you drink in moderation, you won't have to worry about getting busted.

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Is there such thing as a phobia of youths or young people?

Yes, the fear of youths and non-adults is an officially recognised phobia.The phobia is called Ephebiphobia.

Why was the 22 caliber rifle made?

cheap plinking rifle and low cost ammo. good for adults and youths

What are the negative effects of popular culture on young adults?

The effect of pop culture on youths can best be described as a gift and a curse. While pop culture has some benefits it offers the youths like connecting with other youths, its negative effects on young adults and the society as a whole cannot be over emphasized. Some of these negative effects are fake lifestyle, juvenile delinquency, bad exposure and bad friends.

What causes the declining of filipino values among youths?

There is a general decline in the value system of all youths not just those of Filipino ethnicity. It is erroneous to assume that this is a phenomenon that affects youths of one particular ethnicity or country. This is a global occurrence fueled by the deteriorating value system propagate by the movie and music industry. The youths are also disillusioned by delinquent and corrupt adults within their homes and communities.

Who are the youths?

Youths are kids

What is a good thesis stament on bad peer pressure?

peer pressure is a very influential source of negativity on both the youths and the adults.

How can sports benefit youths?

Sports can benefit youths allot take me for instance i play in a rugby club on the left wing and I'm only 16 but i can run for nearly 4 miles without being out of breath and also it would help with there fitness and health. Basically Youths can benefit the same as adults maybe more.

What have the higher crime rate adults or youths?

Statistics show that crime in general, and specifically violent crime, is committed more by younger criminals.

Should youths be involved in a relationship?

Yes it's normal. The relationships also differ depending on their ages so it's not the same as with adults.

What are 4 drugs that are frequently abused by youths?

Four drugs commonly abused by teens are alcohol, cannabis, amphetamine, and opiates such as hydrocodone.

How do you use youths in a sentence?

The youths played happily.

What does the Say What movement in Texas do?

The Say What movement in Texas is a youth group that connects with adults and youths with the ultimate goal of eliminating tobacco smoke from their schools and community.

What do you think about the feelings of youths?

To start off with youths dont have any feelings at all the only feelings youths have are in their pants.

What is the collective noun for youths?

The collective noun is an optimism of youths.

Is the plural of youth youths?

Yes, the plural form for the noun youth is youths.

What is more precious the youths today or youths before?

Mostly music and parties

Why is youths causing vandalism?

youths are not causing vandalism, it is the people with NO brains that are coursing vandalism

Is the youth the plural of youth?

No. The plural of youth is youths. As in "the youths are in trouble with the police again".

When was Wexford Youths F.C. created?

Wexford Youths F.C. was created in 2007.

When was Balzan Youths F.C. created?

Balzan Youths F.C. was created in 1937.

What is the Hebrew word for training youths?

to train youths = le'amen tse'irim (לאמן צעירים)

When was Society of Royal Cumberland Youths created?

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths was created in 1747.

When was Ancient Society of College Youths created?

Ancient Society of College Youths was created in 1637.

Should one use youth or youths as the plural of youth when referring to people?

You would say, 'The youths turned around,' but 'We stand up for the youth.' So generally 'youths'.

What is the plural possessive form of youth?

The plural form for the noun youth is youths. The plural possessive form is youths'.Example: There is a calendar of youths' activities posted on the bulletin board.

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