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Why can muslims not eat pork or clawed animals?


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Eating all clean and pure things are Halal (lawful) to the Muslims. Eating flesh of dead animals/birds. Eating flesh of animals/birds declared Haram.

All grazing cattle are Halal (lawful) but the following have been declared Haram (unlawful) in the holy Qur'an. Allah Almighty (God) says in the holy Qur'an: Quote:

"Forbidden to you are the dead meat and blood, and swine flesh, and that on which the name other than Allah's has been pronounced at the time of slaughter, and that which has died by strangling, and that which dies due to a blow, and that which dies due to a fall, and that which is killed by impact, and that which has been eaten by a beast except the one that you slaughter, and those that are slaughtered at the altars, and that you distribute by drawing lot with arrows, all these are sins. …. Allah is assuredly, Forgiving, Merciful."