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The human nose can smell food cooking, however, there are distance situations that impede its sense of smell. Also nasal colds can at times cause the sense of smell to be curtailed. Generally speaking, animals have a better sense of smell then humans. Dogs are a primary example of this.

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Much of modern day food is cooked with aromatic herbs and spices. This give out essential oils and other substances when heated and we can smell them.

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Explain why you smell the odor of bacon being cooked by your neighbor?

Gases released by cooking easily diffuses in atmosphere.

Why do some uncooked foods not smell until they are cooked?

because you unlock the juices, and scent of them when you cook them

Why do dogs freak out at the smell of cooked lamb?

because they used to be used to catch lamb in the roman times so that scent is always with them

Do the letters scent spell a synonym of ''smell'' or the past tense of ''send?

Scent and smell are synonyms.

Can we recognize people by smell?

yes. i recognize people by smell. sometimes i know they are in the same room when i smell their own scent. and i mean not perfume scent but natural good body scent.

What does it mean if you smell mortuary scent?

Mortuary scent could either refer to the smell of embalming fluids or it could be the smell of impending death.

What smell can you smell from birds?

bird scent i guess

Why can you smell chips being cooked?

it is to do with diffusion and the particles go through the gaps of the air particles and then you smell them. and is not the chips you smell it is the oil off the chips you smell

Why can you smell the scent of food being cooked?

Because during cooking foods support many chemical and physical changes; the released chemical compounds after heating has different odors. These odor particles travel through the air and allow people to smell the cooking food from various distances.

Do you have a scent men can smell during your period?

Anyone can smell it.

Why do the Brazilian butterfly have the smell of chocolate?

The Brazilian butterfly has a smell of chocolate because that is their signature scent. Most animals have a signature scent.

What is a word for a scent trail?

The word is odour or odor. It means the smell or scent.

What is their best scent?

What is the meaning of scent? Scent refers to a specific smell or odour, it can be either pleasant or unpleasant in nature.

What did people in concentration camps smell?

They smelt the scent of dead bodies being burnt! This was terrible for the Jews that had family.

What does cooked steak smell like?

cooked steak

How does the smell of fish when it's being cooked get from the fish to your nose even when you are several meters away?

Because the paricles in the fish gain energy and move awa from the fish, then they diffuse towards our nose and you smell it. Thats how the smell of fish,when itts being cooked, gets from the fish to your nose when you are several metres away from it.

Does dappy smell?

All humans have a scent.

What is a homonym pair meaning a smell or odor and a coin?

A "scent" is a smell or odor. A "cent" is a US coin. Another homophone for scent and cent is "sent."

Why do dogs stink after being outside?

Dogs smell after being out side because when they scent a new or different smell they want to get that smell on their fur so they role around in it and the stench clings to their fur. But a bath once every 1-2 weeks should help relive the smell.

What do wild cats do to scent their prey?

wild cats scent their prey with smell or vibrations on the ground

Do rabbits smell bad?

males would have a scent but no they dont have a musky smell but when wet they will

What do rats smell like?

Rats smell like rotten eggs with a dead scent

What is Justin Bieber's favorite scent?

Justin Bieber's favorite smell is the smell of Sharpies.

Why can you smell food from a distance?

You can smell food from a distance because the scent diffuses into the air.

Do all flowers smell?

No some plants do not have a scent