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Why cant you buy LE on stardoll?

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Answered 2010-06-19 11:05:44

To buy Limited Edition you must be a superstar.

you must have loads of stardollars.

You have to goto the shop as soon as it opens

If it has a red cross on the price tags then the means it is sold out .

Hope i helped !

I'm Girlybubblely btw.

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Unfortunately you cant buy it but you will get it for free when you have 100 starpoints!!xx

you cant make money on stardoll you have to buy it you click on more stardollars and then theres all of this and that.

Well, most LE seasons are unsellable, But some you can. Somebody will put their LE up for 1sd and you buy it. Then you put your LE up for 1sd and they buy it. VOILA! Safe swap! (:

You cant get a code on the Internet for free but if you would like to be a superstar you have to buy one . Add me on stardoll Miss.cherrydrop

You cant have babies on sd but you can buy them at critter for 140 sc

KittyGoodgirl1 will buy le from you , but you must rate her and add her as a friend for her to buy le. She might not always buy but will spend about 10-300 on rares. If she does not have enough money just buy from her and she will give a great value. I'm Star.diamond so plz add me.

You mean the different seasons of LE before? Just look it up on Google. Like 'stardoll LE season 1' and go up from there. -nikkiiGOESrawr on stardoll

The limited edition on stardoll does not come out a lot.It is called LE because there is only a limited amount of these clothes.You buy them normally,but you must be prepared,because they go very quickly.

you cant download pictures from stardoll

You cant, not for free without doing anything. There are people on Stardoll who say buy this girl a gift and you will get 50SD, but it is NOT true. And dont believe ANYONE who tells you to give them your Stardoll Username details and they will get you money...because they will not!

You can buy stardoll gift cards from morrisons but i can get it free go 2 Stardoll and izzyglam

You cant, stardoll is actually improving the site for the better, im pretty sure you cant get it back, sorry. :|

You cant. There is no such thing as free superstar membership on stardoll. You can buy a prepaid card at Wal-mart, Target, Giant Eagle, Etc. Add me on Stardoll: HeyItsNeisha

Well I'm a non superstar and stardoll says it takes a lot of money to make stardoll and it's true if we didn't have superstar then we'll get all the items (clothes, makeup etc.) which cost real money for stardoll.

i think if you are a celebrity stardoll has to ask you to become a member, but if your not a celebrity and you just want your stardoll to be a celebrity you cant

Buy them in the beauty aisle. My name on stardoll is ajballerina

U cant buy it, it grows when u get more starpoints. The more starpoints u have the taller ur plant gets!!!!

You cant unfortunatly :( Dont be afraid to add me: tommia123 if ur superstar buy some items from starbazzarr

you cant it has to be done one bye one when deleting friends on stardoll

It already came out. Go to the LE shop in the Stardoll starplaza.

well you can if your a superstar if you are one and you cant do it add me as a friend on stardoll my name is Bethany-Baker i will do it for you :)

buy it at the suite shop add me on stardoll my name is ajballerina

You don't join it. Stardoll has to chose you. But You must have to buy 12 months superstar memberships.

Well According To The Stardoll Staff LE And Antoidote come out about every 6 or so months.

You can buy braces from Glamorous

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