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Because it is created with enough material to stop any sperm from breaking through (usually). Ejaculation occurs at over 20 MPH on average you know!

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Is it possible to feal What is happening while in surgery?

no you cant feel anything and plus they will totally put you to sleep that you wont even notice anything and you cant feel anything

Do you get pleasure from wearing a condom?

The pleasure you feel while wearing a condom is just about the same as if you were not wearing one. There is more of a psychological thing there then anything else.

Can guys feel anything with a condom on?

yeah it feels almost the same exept when you take it of then it hurts

Would You feel it if the condom had split?

i did not feel the condom split both times it has

How do boys feel about girls in sports?

They feel like girls cant do anything and they can do everything.

You cant feel anything during sex why?

because, your WEIRD

What does it mean when you can't breath in your dream?

you actually cant feel anything when your dreaming.

What can go wrong in the nervous system?

You can get MS which means you cant feel anything

Are earrings painful?

no, u cant really feel anything when u get them pierced.

What if your boyfriend wears a condom but you can feel him ejaculate inside the condom does that mean he came inside you?


What happens if you cant get a condom out of you?

I suggest you then go to a doctor.

Does a tree know when you pull a leaf off it?

no a tree is alive but cant feel anything

Why can't you put on a tingler ring with your condom?

well i dont know why u cant. i find it helps keep the condom on

Could I feel if a condom was stuck inside of me?

No...I didn't.

Do snakes have a nervous systems?

No it has no nervice system, Since they have no nerves in there spine, they can only feel there Head, But it isnt Numb As What your thinking, it is just they cant feel anything in there body, But they feel there head

Can you always feel a lost condom in your vagina with your fingers?

Not always

How old do you have to be to use a condom?

whenever you feel you are ready to have sex.

You were pregnant and couldn't feel sex for a month but you lost the baby a week ago and you still cant feel anything is this normal or what?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

Does sex feel better with or without a condom?

well... it doesent mater because u cant rilly feal the condam cus all u fell is the man pushing his dick in u

Are frenzy condoms safe?

anything is safe if you put a condom on it

What should you do if the condom comes off and stays inside?

When a condom comes off inside you, you need to remove the condom or go to your doctor or local family planning clinic so they can remove the condom for you. If you cant remove the condom yourself it will NOT come out on its own. Leaving a condom inside of you can cause a very serious vagina infection so get it removed professionally if you cant do it yourself. Also because the condom came off there is a chance sperm escaped from the condom and entered your vagina. If this is the case then there is also a risk of pregnancy. Take a morning after pill. If you are on birth control pills, dont worry about pregnancy because you are protected against it.

Who would win a fight SpongeBob or john cena?

Nobody because spongbob does not feel anything and he cant even through a punch that John Cena would feel.

Can you get pregnant if you don't enter and if you are wearing a condom?

Pregnancy while the male partner is wearing a condom that is not damaged in anyway and if there is no entry into the vagina, just cant happen.

If you have very hard feet and normally cant feel anything what can you do to soften them up?

The best choice would be moisturizing lotions.

Why does sex feel better without a condom?

because of Emily lawerance