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To transport to different country to visit family and stuff.

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Q: Why communication is important in your social life?
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Importance of communication skill in social life?

the communication skill is very important in our social life because every profession requires public speaking

What is Significance of communication skills?

communication is important for our social existence. It is important and is used in our daily life. communication helps us in communicating with animals, new born babies and special children. communication is the way to survival.

What are importance of communication skill in social work?

communication skills are very important in social work because through the effective communication we can solve the problem of an individuals

What is the role of communication on social life?

Communication is the most important thing in a successful communication. If you fix your communication, you fix your relationship. Commitment is vital - be prepared to commit to communicate in the relationship, no matter what. Don't give others the "silent treatment".

Why is communication important for health and social care workers and service users?

communication is very important for health and social care workers because they can easily understand the patient or staff members by using either Verbal communication , non-verbal communication, or informal communication.

Importance of communication in human life?

communication is very important in human life to express feelings ,and for the development of human in all fields to make our life better and happy communication is important

Importance of social communication?

Its a central focus of our lives.This is so because the qualiy of life has been improved/henced because of social communication

Why are the development of public speaking and communication skills important to you as you progress through life?

Almost all employment and social progress depends on these skills.

What has the author William E Arnold written?

William E. Arnold has written: 'Urban communication' -- subject(s): City and town life, Communication, Interpersonal communication, Social aspects, Social aspects of Communication

Communication and social marketing?

What is communication and social marketing?

Why is it important to study communication?

Studying communication is more fundamental than selecting a major for a job. Communication is the primary social process. It would be impossible for social institutions to exist as we know them without communication. Human beings engage in communication as a means to facilitate meaning and to coordinate human activities. Other disciplines recognize the importance of communication but place it among other variables while communication majors recognize the importance and central role that communication plays in daily life.

Importance of communication in students life?

its too mch important in a student life

Do communication skills play an important role in one's personal life?

Communication is one of the most important requirement in any relationship.

What is social communication?

Communication that is social, for instance communicating with others.

Is personal initiation and communication essential in the youth?

Personal initiation and communication is essential in the youth. It is important to learn communication because it helps humans develop in the social world.

What is the significance of communication?

Communication is really important in all areas of your life. You need communication skills for work relationships and personal relationships.

Why is having a social life important?

it isnt.

Difference between social communication and business communication?

The formality of business communication and that of social communication narrowly differs. Business communication is more formal and detailed.

What kind of Communication we have with clients in social work?

which kind of communication we have with clients in social work

What is the term for the physical or social setting of communication?

Context is the physical or social setting of communication.

Why is communication important in a child's development?

Communication, an environment rich with language, has been linked to language development, reading skills, social development and school success.

How does communication help us?

Communication is very important, Without it, Nobody would be able to talk to one another and will have no idea how to do anything in life.Communication inventions

How is feedback important in communication?

how is feedback important is important in communication

What is the role and importance of communication in science?

Communication is an important role in science since, since is an intesely social activity, so communication is the key in scientific activities, experiments, etc. Since they share their ideas.

What is the Role of communication in todays life?

communication is the most important aspect of an individuals life.all the media of communications are very important as they all help us to get united with each other.