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Why computer screen goes black?

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AnswerThe are two possible reasons:
  1. If you are not using it for a period of time there is a setting to turn off your monitor. It is located in control panel >> Display >> Screen Saver >> Power. In there you can set the screen to turn off if you haven't been on your computer for a certain amount of time.
  2. If you are using your computer and the screen goes black the it sounds like the screen is going bad and will need replaced. Yes even if this is a new monitor it could happen. Don't forget if it is new there is a warranty.
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What button do you press when your computer screen goes black?

If your computer screen goes black, the first thing to try is to turn your computer off, and then turn it on again. This allows the computer to re-boot.

What if there was an electrical storm and the computer screen goes black?

The computer screen could have becomed damaged and so might the computer.

What does it mean when your computer screen goes black for about 2 seconds every minute or so?

your computer has crashed

Why does Screen go black but computer still on?

it goes blank because it is not been used

Why is my computer screen black?

How can you see the answer? YOUR SCREEN IS BLACK!

Why your computer screen flickers and goes black?

My monitor flickered, informed me to check connection, and then went black. If you unplug the monitor from the computer and it goes black then it's not the computer or's the monitor going out. I bought a new monitor and everything is working fine again.

How do you black out your screen when someone is snooping?

You have a power button on your monitor or your screen and if you press it only the screen goes black.

Runescape if you playing rs you go to anything your PC get a black screen?

Yes. If you leave the computer unattended for too long, your computer screen will obtain a black screen.

When the screen goes big how do you make it smaller on the computer?

increase screen resolution

Why does your screen go off so often?

If it is just the monitor that is shutting off, then there might be a problem with the monitor with staying on. If by 'screen', you mean the actual computer goes off and produces a black screen, then your computer might be set to go into hibernation quickly, or it might have a mode where it goes into a blank screen saver quickly. Check the computer's settings to fix that problem.

What do you do if your computer screen goes perminantly dark?

Turn it on.

What causes computer screen to suddenly go black?

Well if you leave your computer for awhile it's connection dies down and goes black until you move the mouse or go back on and do what you are doing.....

What if you turned on your computer but the screen is black?

if the screen is black then this could mean that you either havent plugged the monitor in or you havent turned the monitor on or it could mean that there is a fault with either the monitor or computer that you are plugging the screen into

Which laptop cooling tray will hlep me, my screen goes black when it over heats?

If your screen goes black and you have a gaming laptop, consider getting a powered laptop cooler.

What do you do when your computer screen gos black?

take out battery  

What is the black stuff coming from the top of your computer screen?

It is just part of the computer. It's not really part pf the screen

Why is it that when my computer starts up i see the desktop and then i get a repeating noise and then my screen goes black and the button goes yellow please help not the first time this happens?

to repair i usually reboot but i really dont want to and by the button goes yellow i meant the screen turn on button

Your computer screen goes blank and says analog input?

your computer must be broken.or hacked

How do you fix a black screen youtube?

Re-boot the computer.

What causes a computer to go black screen?

Off course computer screen can go black when ever it enter standby mode and no graphics is selected for the screen server . Mean while the same thing can happen if the CPU hibernate.

What do you do when your ipod touch screen goes black?

There are a number of things that you can do when your iPod touch screen goes black. The first thing is to restart the device. If the problem persists, you should take it to a professional technician.

Why when you log in on godzhell the screen goes black?

Private Servers are just run off someones computer where RuneScape servers are dedicated servers with 24/7 up time. The screen goes black because the source code was stolen from RuneScape and is not fully functional, there are many glitches in private servers making them not worth the effort.

What do you do in black ops when you lose your sight and screen is black?

Shake that mouse and wake your computer up.

How can you pull pranks on the computer?

turn down the brightness all the way until the screen goes black in the process of restarting so it looks like it won't turn on.

How do you fix your Phone when the screen goes black?

Give it to a phone shop