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Why could the national lottery not run without a computer network?


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All the shops that sell lottery tickets are connected to the main lottery computer via a network. When someone buys a lottery ticket, their numbers will be shared with the main computer through the network. The main computer will then check if anybody has won.

To increase the government's revenue without raising taxes.

Yes. You will be able to upgrade from Cat-3 to Cat-5, without changing any computer, or network hardware.

A computer network is a network, or group of computers that are connected via wires and/or without wires (wireless), that have the ability to communicate with each other, and exchange data.

A wireless computer network connects through to the internet without being connected with wires. It gives you a fast and easy connection and is a modern technology.

Ad-hoc wireless network is basically a computer-to-computer connection. We can setup wireless connection without any WiFi connection to any computer. This ad-hoc network is useful when we want to share the files or data with the computer whose WiFi network we can't access.

If you want to print from any computer on a network without needing to turn on one that a printer is attached to.

Wireless Fidelity. Basically means you can connect to a network without wires.

You can access the computer via a network and/or VNC or remote desktop software.

Yes, you just need a network for Xbox Live to work.

That sounds like a hacker--someone who breaks into a computer system without permission.

Technically, you can create what is called an "Ad-Hoc" network which is where two computers wirelessly communicate with each other without a "server." So.. I would say, yes-- although small.

If you can boot your computer without connecting or inserting anything and not being connected to a network, its pretty safe to say you a hard drive. Booting a computer without using one of the above methods is possible, but rare.

A peer to peer network is a type of network often used in smaller businesses. It is when 2 or more computers are connected together and share their resources without going through a separate computer.

you need a network adapter for 100$ or get it from your computer

Get the data over your phone with standard data or plug your computer directly into a network port.

No, not at the age of 16, there is no state that will permit winning the lottery. Every state in the U.S. requires a person to be 18 in order to win the lottery without parental consent, with the exception of Arizona (21). Arizona requires a person to be 21 in order to win the lottery without parental consent. The person to win the lottery "with" parental consent is: girls 13, boys 13.

Your computer is probably shutting your network connection down when on batteries.

You can use your printer across all your network without bothering about wires. Also you computer does not have to be on for the printer to print.

It depends if the trojan horse was inside before networking was disabled.

You have to have: 1 home computer that you don't turn off much, a wireless router, and another computer to connect with. Plug in the router to the "server" computer and go to Network and Sharing center. Setup wireless network WITHOUT internet connection. Both computers have to be in the same Workgroup.

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