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Why dead sea special?

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because that's the place where the part of Old Testament found.that's why the dead sea is special

and also because the water is so salty that nothing can live in it. Due to the local scorching rainless climate the surface water evaporates. the salt dissolved in it remains making the water still saltier. this explains why the dead sea has a salt content not of 2 or 3% like most marine water but 27%!!. the water of the dead sea exhibits a very curious property b/c of its saltiness. since it is much heavier than ordinary sea water, u'll never sink in it because u are much lighter. so according to the law of buoyancy we'd never drown in the dead sea: we'd pop up to the surface just like an ordinary egg in salt water- which, incidentally, sinks in fresh water. ( sorry mate, didn't mean u're an egg)

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