Alexander Fleming

Why did Alexander Fleming become so famous?

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Alexander Fleming is famous for discovering the usefulness of penicillin as an antibacterial agent

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because he had a lot of money and he forced people to know him

Alexander Fleming died rich because his discovery saved so many lives!

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin killed bacteria and so we could treat a lot of infections that previously would have killed people.

There are so many famous medical people. Some of them include Florence Nightingale, Ben Carson, Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming and many more.

Alexander Fleming wanted to be a doctor so he went to St. Mary's hospital medical school. When he was cleaning up he noticed a mold and that's when the discovery happened.Penicillin.

Alexander Fleming served as a military nurse during World War l. Once he saw so many people die from disease he became very interested in bacteireology.

Fleming admitted to discovering penicillin ''by accident''. That may be somewhat true, but the harder one works at research, the more so-called ''accidents'' do happen. Sir Alexander Fleming was a hard working and brilliant investigator, and this was certainly demonstrated when he became a Nobel Laureate.

Fleming noticed that the secretions of a particular strain of bread mold killed bacteria growing in his cultures. Spurred on by this discovery, he developed penicillin, one of the first really powerful antibiotics.

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