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To discuss trade issues and to consider changing the Articles of Confederation.

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Q: Why did Alexander Hamilton propose a meeting of the delegates?
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Did Alexander Hamilton propose in the constitutional convention that the president and senators serve life terms?


How did Alexander Hamilton propose to raise prices on foreign products why did he do so?

ummm i forgot but if you ask the quetion another time i will remember sorry

What did hamilton propose for a banking system?


How did Alexander Hamilton propose to deal with the problem of 12 million of debt the US borrowed from the foreign nations during the revolutionary war?

issue new bonds and guarantee payment

What did the delegates of New Jersey propose?

They said suck my penis :D

How did Alexander Hamilton propose to handle the nation's finances?

Hamilton called for the creation of a national bank to manage the country's finances.

What is a sentence with propose?

She will propose a new plan to the board at the meeting.

How did Alexander Hamilton propose to raise prices on foreign products How did he do so?

Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton sought to raise prices on foreign goods by applying tariffs that made those products more expensive than their American counterparts. He believed it was essential to put American companies at the advantage, and by increasing their cost, make European goods look less attractive to citizens.

What did hamilton propose to help erase the nation's debt?

Alexander Hamilton drafted his First Report on the Public Credit to outline a plan for eliminating the national debt. He did this at the request of Congress in order to pay of the debt and establish national credit.

What does Piggy propose they do now that he is handicapped?

He proposes that they hold a meeting to discuss options.

What are two ways congress may propose an amendment?

article 5 says that congress may propose amendments by 2/3 vote in each house, or by a national convention of delegates from each state.

Who moves a motion of adjournment in a meeting?

Typically, a member of the meeting can move a motion to adjourn. This means they propose to end the meeting at that point. The motion needs a seconder and a majority vote to be passed.