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Because Japan had attacked U.S. territory, destroyed U.S. Navy ships, killed U.S. military personnel, attempted to take over all of the Pacific Islands, and when the Japanese military was obviously loosing the war they refused to surrender. They wanted to keep their military together so that they could make another run on the Pacific, and they wanted the Emperor of Japan to remain in power. After the Japanese military had been driven back to Japan and Japan was completely surrounded, the Japanese people were starving and lacking in many basic necessities, but the Emperor refused to surrender and believed that further military action would result in a better outcome for Japan. They were continuing to fight in hopes of better "terms", but the U.S. and other Allies demanded that Japan surrender unconditionally after their agression in the Pacific. It was estimated that 750,000 U.S. and other Allied military personnel would die if Japan was invaded. And that was before more of the Japanese military was moved to the proposed landing area. Conventional bombing of Japan caused incredible fires and loss of life. The atomic bombs used on Japan were the only way to quickly end the war and save lives of Allied personnel. It was understood that if the public ever found out that the U.S. had such a weapon and didn't use it and subsequently 750,000 to perhaps over 1,000,000 U.S. soldiers died, the U.S. population would be outraged, and justifiably so. People today often think that they can see a better outcome to the war with Japan. Unfortunately there were no good options, just options that weren't as bad as others. It was a terrible time and the U.S. and the other Allies just wanted it to end so that life could get back to normal... whatever that is.

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Q: Why did America use the atomic bomb in World War 2?
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Was there a war before the first atomic bomb?

The world was going through world war two. The atomic bomb ended the war.

Was japan the first country to use the atomic bomb?

Japan was not the first country to use the atomic bomb, America was the first and did it in World War 2.

How did the atomic bomb influence history?

yes...... it got America out of World War two

What impact did the atomic bomb have on America?

As those bombs ended the war, the world was happy.

How did America influence the world after World War 2?

Well, one way is that we introduced the atomic bomb to the world.

What war was the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in World War 2

Why did America drop the atomic bomb on Nagasaki?

America dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki because that was the way they saw to end the war.

How many countries had the atomic bomb at the end of world war 2?

Only one America droped an atomic bomb on Japan there for,many suffered from radiation poisining

Why did they make the Atomic Bomb?

the atomic bomb was made to end the world war 2

What was the atomic bomb created for?

the atomic bomb was created to end the world war 2!!

Which atomic bomb ended World War 2?

it was called the "fatman" atomic bomb

What characterizes the role of America's possession of the atomic bomb in the origins of the Cold War?

The American people characterizes the role of America's possession of the atomic bomb in the origins of the Cold War.

Why did they drop the atomic bomb in the world war 2?

They dropped the atomic bomb in WWII, because America wanted to defeat Japan. Japan surrendered, leaving the Americans victorious

Was the atomic bomb nessary?

The atomic bomb was necessary because it was there to stop a war. Harry S. Truman would have chosen this answer as well. The atomic bomb did stop a war, and helped the united states of America!

Dropping the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War 2.

Was atomic bomb used in World War 1?

No, the atomic bomb was first used in 1945.

Why is the atomic bomb important to World War 1?

The atomic bomb was sopower full that japan surrendered a couple days after the second bomb. This nuclear weapon is what led World war II to an end. Not World war I

Did albert einstein build the atomic bomb to end world war 1?

No, Albert Einstein did not built an atomic bomb to end World War I

In which world war was the atomic bomb made?

The Second World War.

How did the Allies defeat the Central Powers in World War 1?

America invented and used the atomic bomb.

What was the first bomb they use in world war 1?

the atomic bomb

When was the a bomb used?

It was used in the world war two, its an atomic bomb!

Most destructive bomb in World War 1?

The atomic bomb .

What was the name of the bomb that ended World War 2?

It was the Atomic bomb.

What world war was the atomic bomb in?