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Because journalists like Walter Cronkite and reporters in the fields of Vietnam very publicly doubted the course of the war. Troops were shown along with gore in a war on televisions in the United States. The counterculture became strong opposition to the war because the war represented the over-controling 50s mentality many grew up in. Opposition to the Vietnam War built on the large pacifist and isolationist movement against World War I and to a lesser extent World War II. A notable organization was Students for A Democratic Society. Many people felt the war was the wrong policy for a domestically troubled country despite the communist threat. Among minorities and young people the belief that Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were about to change their policies against the Vietnam War increased opposition.

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Q: Why did American people increasingly opposed the war in Vietnam?
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Most people know what the Vietnam War is; what is the American War?

Why were many African American leaders opposed to the Vietnam war?

Because rich people choose not to go while poor people didnt have no choice but to go and because they didnt approve fighting with anyone

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South Vietnam people and American people were alike because; they both supported non communist parties, also the fact that they were both people

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It underminded public trust in American leaders.

What is the opinion of the United Nations regarding the Vietnam War?

As was the American people, the UN was divided on the Vietnam War.

Who was against the Vietnam War?

About one half of the American people.

What was the effect of the Vietnam war on American people?

Draft riots.

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Many famous people opposed the Vietnam War, including Gene McCarthy, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jane Fonda (who went a bit too far), Gore Vidal, and many more.

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The Vietnam Conflict, the Indochina war. The people and government in Vietnam today refer to it as the American War.

Which people opposed the war in Vietnam?

Young people, those that had lost loved ones, and older people who were tired of war (WWII, Korea, etc.).

What were the reasons that young people in particular opposed the Vietnam war?

They beleived it was a civil war, and America didnt belong their.

Why was Vietnam conflict unpopular in the US?

Government officials refused to inform the people that they were in Vietnam to stop the spread of Communism. Since there was no clear objective disclosed to the public, many US Citizens opposed the War in Vietnam.

Did American people support us involvement in the Vietnam war?

no they did not support it

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The first Vietnam wall was put up in 1906 the people of Vietnam found the wall not necessary for the people of Vietnam because an American helped designed the wall. Then their was a remake 18 years later.

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Why did women and older Americans oppose the Vietnam war?

Many people opposed the war, not just women and older Americans. They thought it was pointless and that the internal fighting in Vietnam posed no threat to America.

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