Vietnam War

Why did American people increasingly opposed the war in Vietnam?

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2007-05-12 19:52:38

Because journalists like Walter Cronkite and reporters in the

fields of Vietnam very publicly doubted the course of the war.

Troops were shown along with gore in a war on televisions in the

United States.

The counterculture became strong opposition to the war because the

war represented the over-controling 50s mentality many grew up in.

Opposition to the Vietnam war built on the large pacifist and

isolationist movement against World War I and to a lesser extent

World War II. A notable organization was Students for A Democratic

Society. Many people felt the war was the wrong policy for a

domestically troubled country despite the communist threat. Among

minorities and young people the belief that Martin Luther King Jr.

and Bobby Kennedy were about to change their policies against the

Vietnam War increased opposition.

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