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Why did Christopher Columbus sail?

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Christopher Columbus was looking for a western route to what was called "The Indies (China, Japan and the Spice Islands) so that Spain could trade with those regions without dealing with the Portuguese monopolies along the eastern route or the Islamic states along the Silk road. He thought the world was much smaller than it is, so didn't expect to find a new continent. Indeed he never realised that he had found somewhere new, he thought he had arrived at China or the Indies.

Columbus was looking for a faster trade route to Asia to make transportation more profitable. He was trying to find a western route, a quicker trade route, to get spices and riches for Spain and impress the monarchs who had sent him. Columbus mistakenly believed the Atlantic Ocean was much smaller than it really is, and when he first landed on an island in the Bahamas, believed he had reached the East Indies. When he saw the dark-skinned people (Native Americans), he called them "Indians" It was a total accident. A: He wanted to find a knew way to get to the east. He thought it was faster.

It is reported he had read the works of Marco Polo. I think he wanted fame and riches and that was his primary reason.

he sailed to the US because he was looking for a new route to get to India but instead he found the US. Thats why native americans are considerd Native/ Indian Americans. he called them "los indios" meaning "the indians" because he thought he had found India.

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What was the interest of Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus loved to sail.

What date did Christopher Columbus set sail?

August 2nd, 1492 is when Christopher Columbus set sail.

Where did Christopher Columbus set sail to at the age of 14?

Christopher Columbus set sail probably at the age of 18.

Did Christopher Columbus sail the seven seas?

Christopher Columbus did not sail the seven seas he sailed the Atlantic Ocean.

What day did Christopher Columbus sail?

he sail in 1492

What dates did Christopher Columbus sail?

1492 christopher Columbus sailed the ocean

When did Christopher Columbus sail to America?

Christopher Columbus sailed to America in 1492.

How long did Christopher Columbus sail?

It took Christopher Columbus 2 months and 3 weeks to sail from Spain to America

What year did Columbus sail for the indies?

Christopher Columbus set sail in the year of 1492

Did Christopher Columbus sail to Antarctica?


What country did Christopher Columbus sail from to discover America?

Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain

What year did Christopher Columbus sail west?

Christopher Columbus sailed west in 1492.

What did Christopher Columbus do during his trip?

christopher columbus liked to sail out while he was on his trip

Where did Christopher Columbus learn to sail?

he learned how to sail from the Portuguese

Did Christopher Columbus sail by boat?

Yes he did sail by boat

What ships did Christopher Columbus sail on?

Christopher Columbus set sail with a fleet of three ships. These ships were the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

Why did Christopher Columbus sail west in 1492?

Christopher Columbus was looking for a shortcut to India for spices.

What country did christopher Columbus sail from?


What land did Christopher Columbus sail from?


What year did christopher Columbus sail?


In which direction did Christopher Columbus sail?


When did Christopher Columbus sail the sea?

in 1492

When Christopher Columbus sail the ocean?

in 1892

When did christopher Columbus set sail and where?

In 1492 Columbus set sail from Palos in Spain with three ships.

Who was talavera during christopher Columbus?

He did not want Columbus to sail west