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Why did Edison invent the light bulb?


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The better and earlier lamp (what we now call the high efficiency light bulb or florescent bulb) was invented by Tesla, but would not work on the inferior power system that Edison had built. The need was for a bulb that would work on D.C. or A.C.

Edison is credited by most people for inventing the bulb even though the arc lamp and florescent were being used before him.

The real answer is that he didn't invent the lightbulb. He had only improved on what someone else did 59 years before him. And in order to avoid legal battle joined with the real inventor Warren De la Rue and then James Swan to market the lightbulb in Europe. To say he invented it is farfetched when the proper research is done. But to say who created the better product of that time would be more proper and Edison would fit that bill because he did work to make the better product.
He made it because he felt he should contact people in a different wayand because you would use coal for your fire so he thought it would be nice if you got loght from a different source.

He didnt Joseph Swan invented the light bulb. Thomas Edison only improved on this idea and that's why people give him all the credit because its his design used today.
Thomas edisen wanted to make a more efficient and safe lighting source. The Gas lights of the time were ineffiecient and dangerous. They produced a sort of smeel that gave you headaches and they caused many fires
in 1949the have created the indecent lightbulb