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Eisenhower had just finished with the Korean War in 1953, and the U.S. had materially supported the French in the Pacific theater. (Viet Nam was once a French colony.) The French were having difficulty in Viet Nam because their enemy, the Viet Minh, were being supported by the Chinese Communists. When the French withdrew in 1954, Eisenhower's administration supported the free Republic of South Vietnam, while the Communists supported the North. He then sent U.S. advisers to South Vietnam in 1955.

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Stewart J. Petrie has written: 'Bloody path to the Shenandoah' -- subject(s): Biography, Cedar Creek, Battle of, Va., 1864, Cold Harbor, Battle of, Va., 1864, Connecticut Civil War, 1861-1865, History, Regimental histories, Soldiers, United States, United States Civil War, 1861-1865, United States. Army. Connecticut Artillery Regiment, 2nd (1863-1865), Wilderness, Battle of the, Va., 1864

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