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There are 3 Answers! Be sure to get them all.AnswerAfricans were immune to the conditions and diseases. It was because the africans were already in contact with the europeans when they had started trading with one another. Europeans felt they could indur the climate because of their skin color. Many Native Americans started to die off because of the diseases. Alot of the native Americans also started to escape,fight back, and many of them died off. They also felt that Africans were cheaper. AnswerThe Native Americans were less resistant to the diseases that the Europeans brought over. The Portuguese and other sailors had already made the selling of African slaves an established trade. In North America, the settlers initially weren't in a position to take Native Americans as slaves because they lived a precarious existence that needed to be at peace with the Natives to continue. AnswerThere were more Africans available and the Europeans found it more pracitcal to buy Africans from Africans than to attempt to capture "Native Americans."
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Why were African-Americans slaves and bought?

They were slaved because since the native Americans could not handle the work because of a disease, the europeans saw that African American people could work much longer and more better.

Why did europeans see Africans as a better a source of labor than native Americans-?

Africans were away from their home country and more vulnerable. The Native Americans were on their homelands and it was harder to break them. Native Americans were not seen as easy to train.

Europeans better than African?

No, even though europeans are reacher than African doesn't mean they're better.

What was the relationship between the french and native Americans?

The French and Native Americans had a better relationship than the other Europeans during the 1600's. The french lived amongst the Native's and respected their ways.

Why did french have better relationships with native Americans than did other europeans?

The French had better relationships with the Native Americans than most other Europeans because they didn't treat them badly. Instead they converted to their religion and didn't push them off of their land like the Spanish did. 5c00f5ee-b108-4ff7-be54-e3231354e723 1.03.01

Why are europeons better than indians?

Most Europeans thought that Native Americans weren't as civilized because they AKA we treated our women better than the Spanish did.

How did reconstruction affect African-Americans?

African Americans had better economic opportunities

How did Americans justify taking land from the Native Americans?

Many Americans believed that they were better then the Native Americans and Mexicans.

What was one reason the Europeans were able to defeat the native amerians?

The Europeans had better weapons

What did the native Americans have to do with the people of Jamestown?

The Native Americans were very mean to Jamestown because Native were better

What were the relationship between Native Americans and African Americans in the West during the Civil War and Reconstruction?

from ƝɨѕhҠѡe on yahoo answers:In the 1800's -1900's there was little understanding between Native Americans and African Americans.Firstly because generally Native Americans were an unknown population just as they are today, and African Americans were not able to freely form friendships/relationships with people outside their local area/residence. So basically they had very little contact.Secondly anywhere the 3 populations (Black, White and Native) were in close proximity, the White settlers tried to create friction between the Blacks and the Natives.For example in some areas (southern coastal US) Native Americans where paid to recapture runaway slaves. Which they did to prevent their people from being taken by the slave traders. Most people are unaware that there was an active trade in Native Americans slaves in the US. Regiments of African Americans soldiers were used to hunt and kill Native Americans. The Native Americans called them Buffalo Soldiers.The friction was created between the African Americans and Native Americans because the settlers feared if the African Americans and Native Americans united they would outnumber the White settlers and would wipe them out in an uprising.The story of Native Americans protecting African Americans slaves is not entirely true. Historically like today, Native American society did not have the "concept of difference" based on race or skin color. Difference based on skin color is a Euro concept. Tribes often extended tribal hospitality to both African American and White people who chose to reside with the tribe.Secondly the story that Native Americans protected runaway slaves and intermarried was promoted by African Americans to explain why some didn't look fully African American. It was seen as somewhat better to be part Native American than to be part White.That's why today some African Americans believe they have Native American blood, even though DNA has proven only about 2.9% African Americans actually have Native American blood..4 months ago (10-09-2011)

After 1676 african slavery became the main form of labor when?

People thought the would make better slaves then Native Americans

Why did Europeans see Africans as a better a source of labor than Native Americans?

Because Africans were strangers to the Americans, so they wouldn't have allies or places to hide. Additionally, the Native Americans had much weaker immune systems than Africans because Africans had developed around the same livestock that Europeans had. This made the Africans more disease resistant. Africans were also able to put up with muich more abuse, on average, than Native Americans without fainting or dying.

Why were the Spanish able to conquer Native Americans?

The Spanish, and in fact all Europeans, had much better military technology than the natives.because they had guns and weapons to conquer !

How the American Indian lost their ancestral land to the Europeans?

The Europeans had better technology. Also, they unknowingly brought diseases from Europe. Some rivals of the tribe would also help them defeat the Native Americans. Then, the Europeans destroyed any remains of their culture and took over.

What did the native Americans give to us?

The native Americans gave the Europeans everything they had, their land, their culture, their livelihood, and their very lives. Well, they didn't exactly give it, the Europeans took what they wanted and destroyed what they didn't value. The Europeans took the land and its resources for their own purposes. The native Americans can still give us many things to make our modern lives better. The natives know how to live in harmony with nature without using it up; they know how to use nature to obtain what they need and leave the rest for those who follow. It's time we accepted this gift from the Native people.

How did Bartolemé de Las Casas affect race relations in the Americas?

He urged better treatment of Native Americans but proposed using African laborers.

How did reconstruction benefit African Americans?

african amerincans had better economic opportunities

How were Africans affected by the growths of the Spanish plantation systems?

Beacause in the late 1540's tue native Americans used to work for the Spanish settlers plantation but then one day Bartolome De La Casas suggested that the African americans could endure the job better that the native Americans

How did BrookerT Washington differ from other African Americans leaders?

he encouraged african americans to educate themselves and get a better lifestyle

Why were the spanish were able to conquer native Americans?

The Spanish had better weapons and technology than the Native Americans, for example guns, armor, and horses.

African Americans moved north for jobs .?

get better jobs

What helped many businesses started by African Americans to be successful?

African Americans received better service than in businesses owned by whites

Where were enslaved Africans more desirable than Native Americans?

the native Americans were not familiar to the sicknesses that the British and Spanish brought over so when they were enslaved for a short time they were dieing faster than they could get new ones compared to the African Americans which was exposed to these sicknesses before and was better addapted to the diseases. Just a little more information the blacks or African Americans were more expensive so the use of endenshured slaves was more popular.

Why did madam cj walker make the lifestyle of African Americans better from racism?

because she didnt think that it would've been fair for the African Americans to be treated going according to their race so she decided to make the lifestyle of African Americans better from racism this is how she became famous

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