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France Surrendered because they wanted to save the Eiffel Tower!
It really was not France that surrendered it was the leader of the French who surrendered. The French were furious with him and at the end of the war they tried him in a court for doing what he did. The French wanted to drive the Germans out of their country. During the war they had an exceptionally strong Underground Resistance and the Free French in Britain helped to win WWII.

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Q: Why did France surrender to Germany?
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When does France surrender to Germany?


Where in France did Germany surrender unconditionally?

Versailles unconditional surrender was signed at rheims germany- rheims is correct

Where did Germany surrender?

In France both times

What main allied country surrender to Germany?


Why did France surrender to the Germany?

They had no choice as France had been overrun by German troops.

What demand of Germany did Britain and France make?

Unconditional Surrender

What city did Germany officially surrender in?

WW I - Versailles, France WW II - Reims, France

What day did France surrender to the Nazis?

22 June 1940 was the day that France signed an armistice with Germany.

When and where did France surrender in World War 1?

France did not surrender. In fact it was Germany who surrenderd on the 11th of November in 1918. That is why we have the treaty of Versailles. France was on Great Britain and Russia's side.... And they won the war

Where did Germany surrender to allied forces?

The surrender documents were signed in a schoolhouse in Reims, France that was being used as Allied headquarters.

When was Vichy France created?

In June 1940, following the French surrender to Germany.

Why did france surrender to germany in world war 2?

They surrenderd because they had no choice, germany was advancing to france and the french military couuldnt stop them so they surrenderd

When did Paris surrender to Germany?

On June 14 1940, Greman troops entered Paris, but on June 22 France and it's army of 1.5 million soldiers surrender officially to Germany.

Did France surrender to Germany?

France's army has been welcoming invading armies for two centuries.Yes, the first part of the Fall of France initiated the evacuation of Dunkirk. On June 25th 1940 the French government's armistice agreement (surrender) to Germany established the state of Vichy France.

How did Germany loose world war 2?

Germany was surrounded on all sides by France, Britain Russia, and the U.S. And was forced to surrender.

When did france fall during world war 2?

Germany invaded France beginning on May 10th, 1940. Paris was captured by Germany on June 14th, and France signed an armistice (surrender) on June 22nd, 1940.

When did the French surrender in World War II?

France surrendered to Germany in WW2 the 22th of June 1940.

Did France side with Germany during World War 2?

NoAfter its surrender, the Vichy French government collaborated with the Nazis.

Where was the World War 2 surrender site?

For who? France, Germany,and Japan all surrendered at different points in the war.Specify on who.

Why did France surrender to Germany on June 22 1940?

The French were stupid enough to leave their capital unguarded and had no choice

What event caused Germany to surrender?

The Event that caused Germany to surrender was the death of Adolf hitler

Why did Germany want Paris?

part of European conquest and rub the noses of the french for the surrender of Germany after WW1. signing being done in France. Germany just getting back to the WW1 victors

Why France went to war with Germany in 1939?

France was not the only country that went to war with Germany. Britain and America also helped. However, France went to war with Germany because Germany had invaded most of France. So the allied powers(America, Britain, and France) attacked Germany. On June 6 1944. that day was called D-day.(or operation overload) when America invated Germany and caused Germany to surrender. Not strictly true. Britain and France declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939 - two days after Germany had invaded Poland. Germany didn't attack France until April !940. Germany declared war on the United States on 11 December 1941.

Is France Germany? France is France, Germany is Germany.

How did Germany take over France in World War 2?

Germany conquered the French army and drove their British Allies out of the country. They then forced the French to surrender. Most of the country was occupied by the German Army the rest of the country was a puppet of Germany called Vichy France.