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Why did General Motors ford and Chrysler file for bankruptcy?


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They did not file for bankruptcy.

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Yes. General Motors Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 1, 2009. It was the fourth-largest bankruptcy in US history and the largest of a US industrial corporation. The value of all common stock was wiped out. The new General Motors Company LLC, which went public on November 18, 2010, is a separate and independent corporation, which has acquired many of the assets of the old company.

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Chrysler bought the Dodge Bros company in 1928. Chrysler was near bankruptcy in 1979 when it received a government loan. It did file for bankruptcy in 2009 before being purchased by Fiat.

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No brainer. Tons of bills and no money to pay them,worst part-- can't assemble cars without parts.

Probably yes. The reason for the "probably" is that you don't file bankruptcy on specific loans... you file bankruptcy in general, and it applies to most debts (there are certain types of debts that are not dischargable in a bankruptcy). Note that if you do file bankruptcy, you may have to sell the vehicle. In bankruptcy you are often required to sell certain assets in an attempt to at least partially pay off your creditors; you're allowed to keep a certain amount of equity in a vehicle specifically, and a certain amount in "general assets" (which can be applied to a vehicle or to cash or other personal property), but if the vehicle is worth more than that, you would have to sell it.

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AIG did NOT file bankruptcy. It was bailed out by the Federal government, who now owns 79.9% of the company (just shy of the 80% needed to formally put it on Uncle Sam's books). Past stockholders--or whoever bought shares from them--still own the rest, unlike a true bankruptcy such as GM or Chrysler.

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