Why did God plant the tree of life in the garden of Eden to seduce Eve to commit sin?

The tree of life is not the culprit of the sin; that is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

It seems the two forbidden trees were for gods' use which they relied on. Importantly note that in the creation stories and songs that the gods are in the plural, and this fact is forgotten or suppressed in the later narrative. The good and evil theme represents a persistent d���½namic between gods or between gods and monsters where, in the T�� n�� c, the score between j���·hveh and ���ahab was repeated after that between marduc and t���·j�� m�� t. The evil is always determined as a foreign agent which could be the weather, wilderness, or geason or later other nations.

One who ate of the alleghorical tree took part in it: for the latter tree one could make one's own laws whether civil or natural; this began with the first invention of clothing from fig leaves which lent them extraordinary thermoregulation. Now they could leave the warm garden and forget god. But the tale is a weak devise in that it presupposes the agent who didn't represent or present himself.

Another View:

After creating Adam and Eve, God told them to care for the Garden's flora and fauna. They were free to eat of any tree except from one of the two special trees in the center of the Garden - the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Basically, God gave our 1st parents a choice - follow His commands or go it alone. This is the same choice all humans have. It is called 'free will.'

Unfortunately, Eve was deceived by ha Satan disguised as a serpent into eating of the only forbidden tree and she gave it to her husband who willing ate of it. The rest is history but think what life would have been if they chose to eat of the 'tree of life.'