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Harriet Tubman

Why did Harriet Tubman do what she did if she knew she could die?


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June 13, 2008 11:57PM

She knew that she had to stand up, er.. Sit down against the oppression that was taking place, just like David and Golioth, no one else stood up the the giant cause they were scared, but not David, he stepped up and took out the huge man, that's kinda what Harriet Tubman did on that bus that day... *************************Correction******************************** The Statement above is confusing Harriet Tubman with Rosa Parks. Harriet Tubman is the women who helped to free many slaves by organizing a system call the Underground Railroad. Harriet was an obolitionist (one who fought to end slavery). Yes, she did risk her life for this cause. However, sometimes when you really believe in something, you may be willing to risk your life to affect change. Just ask Martin Luther King.