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Why did Hitler believe the Aryan race was superior?

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Answer Why do tall people think tall is better? Why do brown

eyed people think brown eyes are better? Hitler was attempting to

appeal to the people of his nation in his attempt to take over

Europe. He told them what they wanted to hear, and they loved it as

is evidenced by the fact that they let him get away with mass

murder. They were, as a group, narcissistic, with the firm

conviction that they were, in fact, superior to the rest of us.

They truly believed that they were undefeatable. Unfortunately for

them, they only proved to be inflexible. Hitler was making them

obey his instructions, and forcing them to follow it. --- The key

thing was not the belief in superiority but the actions that it was

used to justify.

The above is certainly the the case for the hardened Nazi, but

as was evidenced by the two plots against his life, one of which

was hatched before September 1, 1939, not all Germans believed as

Hitler did.

Once Hitler had taken full power in 1934 ( in 1933 he was head

of the government as Chancellor, and when he became President in

1934 he was also head of the State ) by fear and action he had a

strong hold over Germany. All German opposition was eliminated, and

even fellow Nazis who disagreed with him were also killed.

Fear is a strong element for the forces of the evil Hitler


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