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Why did Hitler kill all the handicapped?

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because they were different then others and Hitler targeted most minorities

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Hitler killed, Jews homosexuals anyone mentally or physically handicapped gypsies communists blacks

Hitler was responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews, Homosexuals, handicapped people and Gypsies.

Yes. He targetted both physically and mentally handicapped persons.

Hitler also killed Communists, homosexuals, mentally retarded and other severely handicapped persons, among others.

Yes because, Hitler thought handicapped people were subhumans and inferior to the Nazi Ideology. That's why Hitler killed 10,000s of them.

Jews Blacks Gypsies Romanians Homosexuals Anyone mentally or physically handicapped Communists And anyone that didnt agree with him

Some of the groups Hitler targeted were Jewish people, the mentally handicapped, the elderly and physically handicapped, Catholics, and gypsies. Hitler was trying to create his own perfect race of blue eyed, blonde haired, fair skinned people. Anyone that didn't fit those slim parameters needed to be executed.

Hitler wasn't Jewish. If Hitler was Jewish, it wouldn't make any sense for him to kill all the Jews.

Eastern European "gypsies" and handicapped individuals of all creeds.

Obviously, Hitler had no conscience at all.

He killed over 6 million Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and handicapped people. He stole their art, and even the gold from their teeth.

to kill all the blacks like Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews.

Hitler wanted to kill all Jewish people because he wanted Germany to be 'perfect'. He also wanted the 'perfect' Aryan.

There were several attempts to assassinate Hitler, all failed.

Hitler did not kill his family, they all died from natural causes.

so it was easy to kill them all

no Hitler killed Jews because he wanted to get rid of all of them

Hitler did not kill his relatives.

yes, he killed all jews

No the Battle of Berlin did not kill Hitler. Hitler committed suicide.

There were five assassination attempts on Hitler - all of which failed.

adolf Hitler tried to kill all Jews

People say that Hitler went crazy and all he wanted was power

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