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The Jews weren't Hitler's only victims. He also killed real and imaginary communists and other political opponents, members of resistance groups, homosexuals, dissenting Christians, Gypsies (Roma), the physically handicapped and mentally retarded, Soviet prisoners of war, Jehovah's Witnesses, anti-Nazi clergy, trade unionists, and psychiatric patients. He did blame the Jews for his lack of acceptance twice to Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts as well as many other problems in his life. About 11 million people perished in the Holocaust, and about 6 million were Jews or of Jewish descent. He needed someone to blame, that the people would be easily convinced were the culprits behind all the Germans problems, Hitler was upset over the German losses from WW1 and the huge loss of land in the Treaty of Versailles. This is coming from a 14 year old look it up if you have to. That is why Hitler was such an evil genius.


The first people to be sent to concentration were known political opponents of the Nazis. 'Outsider' groups such as homosexuals were also persecuted. The Jews were subject to a massive program of extermination and a total of about six million were murdered in the Holocaust. Hatred of the Jews was long standing in many parts of Europe. (America wasn't free of anti-semitism, either). The Jews were the traditional scapegoats. Originally, anti-semitism had been directed mainly against Judaism and its adherents, but from the 1870s onwards it became racial and ideological. The period from about 1870 onwards was one of rapid change (urbanization and a further wave of industrialism) and in Europe there was a severe economic depression from 1873-1879 (and arguably much longer). Racial anti-semitism seems to have had a particularly strong appeal to people and institutions that had real problems coming to terms with the modern world - groups ranging from small craft businesses to the lower ranks of the aristocracy. The Roman Catholic church also found the modern world a frightening place and spread conspiracy theories about alleged Jewish and Masonic plans for world domination.


It was, above all, conspiracy theories about "the Jews".These had been circulated in Russia from about 1900-1917 by the Tsarist secret police. After about 1918 they also circulated increasingly in Western and Central Europe. After World War 1 there were all kinds of conspiracy theories circulating about the Jews. They were widely regarded as Communists and subversives. In Germany and Austria there was a widespread view (for which there was no evidence) that they had engineered the defeat of Germany.

There were also conspiracy theories claiming that the Jews were seeking to dominate the world.


There is also the point that Nazis isolated the Jews so thoroughly as to make most of them economically useless.

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Q: Why did Hitler target the Jews during the Holocaust?
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Hitler hated Jews and blamed them for all the worlds problems. This is why Jews were the main target during the holocaust.

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the allies were not fighting for Jews during WW2

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It didn't seem to make any difference to Hitler what type of Jews were killed during the Holocaust,

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they included jehovas witnesses, communists, jews,homosexuals, and gypsies. also, his primary target was gypsies.

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adolf Hitler wanted to rid the world of the Jews who he believed were the scum of the earth, during the holocaust Hitler killed many Jews.

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The Nuremberg Laws

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I think the answer is that the effects on the Jews were racism.

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Hitler treated Jews like they were rats. He had no respect toward them, and he wanted all Jews to be killed. Hitler is the one who started the Holocaust in 1941

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yes they were! they were being slaughtered by the Nazis who followed Hitler during the great genocide that is the holocaust

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He wanted to destroy the Jews in Germany because of his jealousy (Jews were very successful).

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6,000,000... @*&# u Hitler

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The Jews and Hebrews by the raciness of the nautses and Hitler in world war2.

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The Jews did not make the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed IN the Holocaust. The Holocaust was created by Hitler, Himmler, and those in their political realm, not by Jews. The Jews were innocent. They were not guilty of anything

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There was no 'leader of the Jews' during the Holocaust. The Jews were not a country or an organization.

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The main victims were Jews from all the nations invaded by the Nazis.

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the extermination of jews by adolf hitler

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Adolf Hitler was the dictator ruling Germany. He created the holocaust to exterminate the European Jews and some other groups.