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Why did Hitler want Catholics eliminated?


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Hitler did not want to eliminate Catholics.

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Hitler really didnt care about how they eliminated the Jews, it just gotta be Fast, Cheaply and Affective.

Hitler wanted the "undesirables" excluded from German society, they had to be eliminated because once they had been excluded they had no way of feeding themselves, as their property and rights to work had been taken away, and Hitler did not want to feed them.

Most German Catholics did not support Hitler.

Jews, catholics, communists and everyone who oppossed him.

Hitler did not persecute Catholics as such - only if they were political opponents, converts from Judaism, etc.

Lebensraum is just German for "living space." And if you look back in history, Hitler did not want Jews anywhere. But not just Jews... blacks, catholics, etc.

Hitler didn't like the catholics because he didn't think they were good enough for the Nazi's or the Germans

They held the Jews responsible for Germany's hard times. -NovaNet-

there are still Jews around today.

Without respect, he also had them killed

Hitler eliminated Jews and Homosexual people because he felt they were sub-human. However, Europe didn't have any Black people in the 1930's so Hitler didn't target Black people.

3 Jewish and catholics and Atheism

Hitler did not have issues with the cathloics, it was the Jews he hated. Why ? who knows, maybe it was simply because the Jews are GODS chosen.

Hitler hated Christianity he killed up to 300,00 Christians mainly Catholics and protestants.

He needed a scapegoat and those groups were unpopular at the time.

Hitler disliked any religious group that tried to interfere with his master plan. Jews were at the top of the list followed closely by Catholics. He considered Pope Pius XII to be a major irritation and even had plans to abduct him.

Hitler claimed that the Jews needed to be eliminated for Germany to survive as a nation

what did hitler want to creat or do if anyone knows reply to my blog

Though Hitler had not eliminated any particular race, the Jews that he hunted had taken a severe blow with over 40% of them killed.

Yes. they were not the main focus of Hitler but they were killed too.

Hitler did not want one race, he wanted all the races to be independent and not mix.

Hitler did not like Jews. He thought Jews would overpower him and take over his reign, so he eliminated them before they could dot hat

Any opposition was eliminated through arrest, torture, and death. There was underground opposition.

Jews, Gypsies, Unionists, Soviets/Communists, the Disabled, Homosexuals, etc, etc.

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