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Rabbit DeathUnless you have an necropsy or autopsy done on the animal, you can't say it was from no apparent cause. You may NOT have SEEN a reason, but there usually is one a vet can see. It could have had a bacterial or virul infection. The diet could have been wrong, it could have been genetic .... there is no way to tell unless you have a vet involved. It may seem to some to be wasteful to have a vet look at a dead animal, but it really isn't.

If you have other pets in the house or just yourself, you want to rule out disease especially zoonotic ones (ones that can be transmitted to humans). You should also have all animals checked within a short (less then a week) time from getting it- if it was free, from a petshop, you found it-- it doesn't matter... have it check checked out.

Sorry to hear your rabbit passed.


AlsoI agree with the response above. Also: Rabbits from pet stores tend to come from breeders or bunny 'farms' and are often inbred and removed from their mother way too early. As an aside editorial comment, it is best to get a rabbit from a local shelter or rescue rather than a pet store. A rescue will (generally) have much more knowledge about their particular rabbits and can provide you with their background and health information (again, generally, but not always).
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Q: Why did Holland lop-eared rabbits die 3 weeks after they came from a pet store from no apparent cause?
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