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The axis needed Greece in order to control East Mediterranean and have a safe passage to Egypt and the oil resources there. It was also needed so that the Germans would safely advance to Russia at the North.

However the Italian defeat at the Albanian-Greek borders was a significant delay of the axis deployment, so that the allies would have enough time to organize their defenses in North Africa. When the Germans finally came to Greece through Bulgaria and conquered the country, the allies were ready in Egypt and it was already winter in Russia.

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What year did Italy invade Greece?


When did Italy invade Greece?

1940 in world war two!

When did Nazi Germany invade Greece?


Who invaded Greece and when?

Italy 1940

Did anyone invade modern Greece?

yes, Italy, then Germany.

What countries did Benito Mussolini invade?

Italy invaded Ethiopia (Abyssinia) and Greece

What country did Italy invade in order to regain the new roman Empire?


Why did Italy invade Africa and Greece?

Italy wanted to invade Africa and Greece, because like the Japanese and Germans, they wanted to take over other countries so the axis powers could someday rule the world.

What nation did Italy first invade?

In the Second World War, the first country Italy invaded was France, in 1940.

Where did Italy fight during World War 2?

1. Italy tried unsucessfully to invade France in June 1940. 2. Later in 1940 Italy tried to invade Egypt from Libya (then an Italian colony). They were defeated by British and Commonwealth forces and had to ask Germany for help. 3. In 1940 Italy also tried - again unsuccessfully - to invade Greece from Albania. Britain helped Greece and the Italian forces were defeated, and Italy asked Germany for help. In March-April 1941 Germany (with some help from Bulgaria) invaded Yugoslavia and Greece. 4. There was fighting in the Somalia and Ethiopia. British and South African forces defeated the Italians here in 1941. (Germany was unable to help). NOTE. Throughout WW2 Britain was very keen to keep control of the Suez Canal and routes to the oilfields in the Middle East and also to India.

When did Greece get involved in World War 2?

Greece was attacked by Italy on October 28, 1940.

What 2 countries did Italy invade during world war 2?

South of France in 1940 and Ethiopia

Did Greece fight Italy in world war 2?

Yes, Italy invaded Greece in 1940, but were defeated by the brave Greek defenders. The Germans eventually had to send troops to Greece to save Italy's blushes.

Who did Italy invade in 1939?

Ethiopia did Italy invade in 1939.

Did Alexander the Great invade Greece?

Yes he did invade Greece but it was called the Persian Empire.

What year did Hitler invade Greece?

Hitler did not originally invade Greece. Mussolini sent his Italian troops across the Albanian border on 28 October, 1940. However, his troops did so poorly, that Hitler had to send German troops in to save them from defeat.

Who did Germany invade to invade France?

June 22 1940

Which mountain range runs down the center of Italy?

Apennine Mountains run down the center of Italy. :]

What countries did Italy invade in in World War 2?

Italy invaded a handful of countries during World War 2. This included Ethiopia, along with Albania and Greece. The Italians and Mussolini, however, were heavily pressured by Hitler and the Nazis to invade its neighbors.

When did the Mycenaeans invade Greece?

they are greece num numnut

What countries did Italy invaded during world war 2?

During World War 2, Italy invaded Greece. Also, Italy did invade and capture Ethiopia (1935-1936) and Albania (April 1939. However, Italy did help Germany to invade parts of Yugoslavia and France during early years of World War 2.

Who did Italy attack during World War 2?

Italy was involved in almost every single attack that Germany made. Before the WWII they attacked Albania and Ethiopia. In 1940 they attacked Greece. Italy fought in Northern Africa, as well as the Balkans, such as Albania, Greece, etc.

Was Italy east of Greece?

Yes, Greece is east of Italy.

Is Italy located in Greece?

No, Italy and Greece are different countries.

Who did Italy invade?


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