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Madison was in favor of self-government from the beginning. He believed the American colonies had a right to be free from England and was willing to fight to obtain and preserve independence.

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Q: Why did James Madison support the Revolution?
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Did James Madison support slavery?

No James Madison did not support slavery, even though he owned slaves.

Did James Madison support the ratification of the constitution?


Did James Madison support states rights?


Did James Wilson Support the Articles of Confederation?

No at first but then James Madison was telling James Wilson that he should support the Articles of Confederation so he did.

Why did James Wilson support the articles of confederation?

because james madison tld him ttoo

Which presidential candidate did Jefferson support in 1808?

James Madison.

Why was James Madison important to the American Revolution?

He wrote the American Constitution. In the actual revolution though, he played no part.

What did James Madison what to do to improve our nation?

Madison was president of the United States, signer of the constitution, took all the notes at the convention and pushed for the revolution.

Is James Madison single?

No, James Madison is not single.

Who old James Madison?

how old is James Madison now and how old was James Madison when he died

What is James Madison's father's name?

James Madison's father's name is James Madison, Sr.

Who was James Madison's son?

John Madison was James Madison's son

Is Ambrose Madison James Madison's brother or sister?

Ambrose Madison was a brother of James Madison.

Why did James Madison become president?

James Madison was one of the founding fathers, a leader in Revolution and in the colonial government. He is often considered the Father of the Constitution. The people decided he had earned a turn as president and elected him .

Is James Madison also called James Madison Jr?

Yes- he father was James Madison, Sr.

Who was James madision parents?

Nelly Conway Madison and James Madison (James Madison was named after his father)

Did James Monroe support the industrial revolution?

yes, he was president at the time

Was James Madison a loyalist?

Certainly not. He was one of the founding fathers who pushed for the Revolution and set up the new government after the revolution succeeded.

From what state was James Madison from?

James Madison is from Virginia.

What race was James Madison?

James Madison was white.

Was James Madison liked?

was James Madison disliked

What is James Madison's full name?

James Madison

What were the names of James Madison's parents?

James Madison was born to James Madison Sr and Nelly Conway Madison.hehehe

What was James Madison's full name?

James Madison did not have a middle name. Therefore, his full name was James Madison - occasionally James Madison Jr., as he shared his name with his father.

Who was James Madison married to?

Dolley Payne Todd Madison was the wife of James Madison.

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