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The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.

The Japanese attacked the US for two reasons:

1. the US was a growing Pacific Power, meaning it was gaining more and more influence and land in the Pacific, which threatened Japan and it's imperialistic ego. The Japanese wanted to establish an empire over all of Asia and the Pacific.

2. the US cut off all trade to Japan because of Japan's rising aggression. These American items were crucial to Japan.

Also, the attack on Pearl Harbor was not for the Japanese to gain Hawaii or to declare war on the US. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a message from Japan to the US saying "this is as far as you're allowed to go". Meaning, this was the farthest extent of the Pacific that the Japanese would peacefully let the US expand, as the Pacific was to be left for Japan. However, the US did not like this and then declared war, entering World War II. They were eventually able to make Japan surrender in 1945.

At this point, item No. 2 does not lend itself to providing a motive for attacking Pearl Harbor. If item No. 2 was correct then not only would these "items" of trade never get to Japan, it would only give Japan another "headache" even as much as it would seem the Pacific Ocean afforded Japan any protection. Of course, it was a "given" that the Philippines would be lost to Japan.

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Q: Why did Japan choose to attack the US when it did?
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Japan chose to atack Pearl Harbour first because they felt like it!

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in the year 1945

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Japan was first subjected to an aerial bombing attack during the Doolittle Raid .

What conflict led Japan to attack the us and European colonies in southeast Asia?

there wasnt really a conflict that caused Japan to attack the US. the US was not at war with Japan until after Pearl Harbor, in which the Japanese were the aggressors.

Why did us attack hiroshima?

The US and Japan were at war, Japan having attacked the US, and declared war on America. Hiroshima was a military target, and relatively undamaged before the attack.

What happens if the us didn't attack the japan?

it is possible that Canada and the us would be controlled by Germany and japan

What did the US do to Japan after the attack?

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the US declared war on Japan and on the Central Powers.

Why Japan attack the US?

To keep the US from interferring with their other conquests.

When did japan attack the us?

1941 December 7

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Pearl Harbor, HI

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Germany didn't really attack US, US entered war because of Japan, and when the allies of US were attacked then US joined. The US was fighting 2 wars, 1. Japan 2. Germany

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to get revenge on the japan, when they attack pearl harbor. but it all started when the US stop supplying oil to them.

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they sunk are ships and we attacked them

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They chose to attack the US because they wanted to severely cripple our economy. There were war warnings put out, but Hawaii wasn't listed as a possible target because of it's size and distance from Japan.

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The Japanese attacked the US in pearl harbor,Hawii.

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December 7, 1941. 20 days after the US ambassador to Japan warned of a possible attack.

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This is where the US had their entire pacific fleet of ships, delivering a blow to that would give Japan a major advantage in the war