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The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.

The Japanese attacked the US for two reasons:

1. the US was a growing Pacific Power, meaning it was gaining more and more influence and land in the Pacific, which threatened Japan and it's imperialistic ego. The Japanese wanted to establish an empire over all of Asia and the Pacific.

2. the US cut off all trade to Japan because of Japan's rising aggression. These American items were crucial to Japan.

Also, the attack on Pearl Harbor was not for the Japanese to gain Hawaii or to declare war on the US. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a message from Japan to the US saying "this is as far as you're allowed to go". Meaning, this was the farthest extent of the Pacific that the Japanese would peacefully let the US expand, as the Pacific was to be left for Japan. However, the US did not like this and then declared war, entering World War II. They were eventually able to make Japan surrender in 1945.

At this point, item No. 2 does not lend itself to providing a motive for attacking Pearl Harbor. If item No. 2 was correct then not only would these "items" of trade never get to Japan, it would only give Japan another "headache" even as much as it would seem the Pacific Ocean afforded Japan any protection. Of course, it was a "given" that the Philippines would be lost to Japan.

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Q: Why did Japan choose to attack the US when it did?
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