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In real life:

A joint decision between WWE and Kane was reached, where it was decided that his character had become stale to the audience.

Coupling that with Kane wanting to shave his head, it was originally Kane's idea to lose the mask. Travelling with the mask and having to go through the necessary make-up and removal of such, caused a lot of unnecessary hassle for Kane. He'd gotten older and didn't need it.

WWE and Kane decided that removing the mask would make life easier for Kane and would freshen up his character.

On TV:

Eric Bischoff and Rob Van Dam decided that Kane was too negative and overly self-conscious. They worked together to implement a Mask VS World Championship match. If Kane lost the match, he would have to unmask.

This obviously backfired as Kane went on a rampage beating jobbers left, right and centre, and inevitably ended up in a feud with Rob Van Dam, and later, the McMahons' (Shane, in particular).

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Q: Why did Kane take his mask off?
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Why did Kane lose his mask?

Because he lost a match against triple h and the match was if Kane lost he would take the mask off

How did Kane lose his mask?

because he had a match which was championship vs mask. Kane lost the match but he still didn't want to take his mask off. so they send ed rob van dam Kane's tag team partner to intimidate him Kane took off the mask but the he chokeslames rob van dam/

Will rey mysterio take off his mask at WWE no mercy 2008?

maybe Kane will take it off

Who stole Kane's mask?

Go to youtube and search Kane takes his mask off. You will see that Kane took it off when he was in the ring with Rob Van Dam and Kane chokeslams him.

Will Kane re-mask in 2010?

Kane hates taking off his mask,SO HE WILL REMASK!

Has Kane been the same Kane all this time?

no festus was masked Kane after xpac ripped the mask off in early 2002. then when they decided to take the mask off, Glen Jacobs came back. if you look at the Kane with the half mask thingy, its definetly festus. the gimmick changed so much its impossibe not to see the difference.

Why did Kane take off his mask?

Some say he had a hard time breathing, but his character was beginning to get stale.

Will wrestler Kane wear a mask again?

He seems to take it on and off now it seems so not sure.

Why didn't Kane the wrestler take of his mask?

He has now.

What is Kane's mask made from?

kane's mask was made from vinyl

How did Kane lost his mask?

Kane lost his match because former Smackdown General Manager Eric Bischauf put Kane in a match against Triple H or Randy Orton it was between them and Kane lost so Randy Orton and Triple H The King Of Kings forced him to take his mask off. But Kane wouldn't so Randy Orton,Triple H and a few other guys began to beat him up but then came former Tag Team Champion RVD (Rob Van Dam) to rescue his former tag team partner Kane he the knocked Triple H down then he gave Randy Orton a Five Star Frog Splash and waited until Kane took off his mask. Kane then took of his mask and there stood a 7 foot tall man with a face uglier than Medusa. And That's the story of the mask taken off by Kane.

What year did Kane take off his mask?

6/23/03 in a no holds barred match against Triple H on raw. Eric Bishop said if he lost he had to take it off

A song from the eighties that had the lyrics in it I said take it off take off your mask take it off take off that mask?

Try looking at Roger Glover's song 'The Mask' That might be what youre looking for.

Did Kane wear a wig when masked?

During the career of the masked Character Kane, he did not wear a wig it was his natural hair, when Kane was unmasked we was told to cut it off and attach it to the mask

Is Kane brothers with Kane with the mask?

No they are the same person

Why is Kane without the mask bigger and taller than Kane when he wore the mask?

because his older now.

Why did rey mysterio take off his mask?

because he had lost the match so he had to take his mask off

Why did Kane where a mask?

kane wore a mask becaues he did not want to shave his hair and people made a foul of his hair

What was the reason for Kane's unmasking and why did they make him so much more weaker?

Kane unmasking was not his decision, Kane wanted to keep the mask as it was a large part of his character. A storyline writer came up with the idea and it was given the go ahead. Kane fought to keep his mask but it was to no avail. Kane didn't even want to change his mask to the one he had with no mouth cover but again it was out of his hands. Kane losing the mask is very unfortunate because it was who Kane was, this was a big mistake in my opinion. They should have listened to him and let him keep the mask. Kane is still one of the most dominant superstars ever to grace the WWF/WWE but Kane as a character will never be the same without his mask

Why did they stop the imposter Kane gimmick and what happened to him after the Kane vs Kane match?

Kane got his mask and killed the fate Kane

Why Kane is wearing a mask?

he doesn't wear a mask anymore

How do you make Kane's mask and hair WWE?

Well, Kane's mask is made of leather and his hair is a wig and Kane does have hair now but not long yet, almost though.

Was it really Kane when he wore the mask?

Yes, it was Kane who wore the red and black mask. He wore it because he was badly burnt.

Why rey mysterio mask is in Kane bag?

Cause Kane whipped his ace and stole it and he was jealous that reys mask was more comfortable then his old one ha ha( in storyline) hopefully Kane puts his mask back on.

When did Kane took off his mask?

On the 6/23/03 episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple H defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane in a No Hold Barred Match. Raw General Manager, Eric Bishoff stated that if Kane lost, he would have to unmask. Triple H won with help from Evolution and as a result, Kane had to unmask. When Kane removed the mask, it was revealed that the mask Kane wore had a wig attached to it as Kane was completely bald headed. Kane Chokeslammed his own tag team partner, Rob Van Dam and became a rule-breaker.